You have a digital camera – Now What?

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October 16, 2008

Aren’t digital cameras wonderful? You never have to worry about running out of film (just battery 🙂 )You never have to wonder, “Is that picture going to come out?” because you can look at the preview. And, you don’t have to pay for processing. But you *do* have to learn a little about what to do with the photos after you take them.

In our 5 years on the road, we have taken nearly 20,000 pictures! Being a computer professional, I was undaunted by the tasks of managing those digital photos. I knew how to organize them into folders, I knew how to use Fireworks (like Photoshop) to crop, resize, and make them look better, I knew how to make websites to share them and backup software to keep them safe. Each day, after taking dozens of photos, I would spend 30 – 60 minutes preparing the photos and putting them on my blog.

Then I discovered Picasa and life with photos got a whole lot easier. What used to take me an hour and 3 or 4 different programs, now takes me 5-10 minutes and all I need is Picasa. View the video below for more information.

Overview of Picasa 3 for Windows:

For more Picasa Videos see

Chris Guld

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  3. Thanks for the information. I’ll check since this was some ago for updates.

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  5. John Shelton

    Except for red-eye correction and an occasional lightening or darkening and some cropping or resizing of photographs, organizing and viewing photos is about the extent of my photography. I have a file of approximately 7000 photos from the past several years and I find Faststone Image Viewer to be head and shoulders superior to ANY free photo managing program. I have tried perhaps a dozen or so and none impress me as Faststone does.

  6. Thanks Earl! does look like a great way to supplement Picasa’s photo editing features. You can’t draw shapes or use ‘layers’ in Picasa. But, Picasa would still be my tool of choice for all the rest … import, organize, caption, one-click fixes, email, upload to web, print, collage, slide shows, backup … etc.

  7. Earl Gillespie

    Here’s one you might enjoy perusing.