The Demise of Life On Wheels RV Conferences

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October 16, 2008

I wrote on September 24, 2008, Gaylord Maxwell: The Passing of Mr. RV. The next blow was not unexpected. Yesterday I received an email from Peggy Waterman, the do everything person that kept the wheels of Life On Wheels (LOW) greased, emailed me that Gaylord’s widow, Margie, had decided to close down Life On Wheels after a 14 year run.

Margie was at Gaylord’s side throughout, keeping him going, encouraging him when things didn’t roll on as smoothly as he wanted, always smiling when he would announce at each of LOW’s opening sessions, “what has kept us together for all these years is the vow I took when we married–to love, honor and obey. I learned the obey part.” But Gaylord was the heart of LOW and without the heart, the rest cannot survive.

All of us instructors, who Gaylord and Margie always treated as family, will never forget the swell of pride when LOW students would tell us how much they loved the program, how much they learned, and they kept coming back year after year, renewing our friendships each year. Nor will we forget what Gaylord and Margie meant to our personal development, how Gaylord gently goaded us to continually improve our classes, to “give the students what they paid their money for.”

All that is behind us now, but we will never forget. And the RV Industry, and everyone who participates in the RV Lifestyle, whether touched directly or indirectly by Gaylord and Margie and Life On Wheels, is the better for it. My love goes out to Margie, it was quite a run.

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  2. Jim Naysmith

    My wife and I attended the LoW last month in PA and as first timers; we really found it to be an excellent experience. The energy that the instructors had for their given topics and the whole experience made it a one of a kind experience. It is unfortunate that Life on Wheels will no longer be. With all that knowledge out there looking for a seminar to give, I suspect that we will see an entrepreneur put together a program and put these resources to work once again.

  3. neil fish

    oct 20,2008
    I just learned of Gaylords passing. My wife and I attended a LOW conference in pa a few years ago and what we learned has been invaluable. The idea that Gaylords legacy of LOW conferences will not continue seems wrong to me. Not just him but his ideas have helped so many people to realize their dream it seems a shame to stop it. Hopefully in about a year and a half we will be going fulltime and I hope that somebody picks up where Gaylord left off. if it happens i would do anything i could do to help things along. Couldn’t one of the long time instructors pick up the ball.

  4. Marc

    I also hope someone will continue on with the LOW conferences.

    I met Bob and Cheryl Marx last month at the RV show in Hershey PA. This is where I first learned of LOW and the seminars. Being new to the RV arena and developing a plan for my first RV purchase I told Bob and Cheryl I looked forward to my first LOW seminar next year. Sad to say that seesm unlikely now.

  5. Karl Bykowski

    As a former student of LOW, and a huge fan of Gaylord, I hope someone or some organization will pick up and continue with the LOW conferences. My wife and I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful people including Gaylord and Margie. It would be a dis service to the RV industry if this program is not continued as a legacy to Gaylord. I would help if I was as talented as the instructors we had met. As a matter of fact, I would help in any way I could to preserve this valuable program. My fondest memory of the program is Gaylord standing on the podium with the tape measure and declaring “What are you waiting for?” He was the best!

  6. Joe Heugly

    I would like to see “The Rally” and its many sponsors pick up Life On Wheels and present it before or after the yearly Rally at a minimum.

  7. I was honored to be a LOW instructor for the last five years, and will be forever grateful to Gaylord for giving me my first big break as a speaker and seminar presenter.

    Though the travel was a grind, and I was worn out after presenting 10 seminars at each 2 1/2 day LOW conference, and even more at the week long Idaho conference, it was very rewarding.

    I treasure the friends we made at LOW, and the memories of sitting outside around our rigs with the other instructors and students after a long day of teaching. It was a great ride, and I will miss i.

  8. Drew Mueller

    Boy, someone should pick up the torch…….Bob…….Jim…….Mark? I know I’d have some big shoes to fill but if I was qualified, I’d like to be a helper or a support person. This is a noble and meaningful cause.

  9. I’m really SORRY to hear that LOW will be no longer. Sorrier still that Gaylord never found a replacement to take it over. After all while Gaylord and I had our differences, I met a LOT of wonderful people, some whom we are still best of friends after 8 years. People like you and Lynn are very high on my respect list.

    Certainly hope our paths will cross again someday, but since I’m still up here in the PNW (damp and getting colder), that may not happen for quite sometime. Nice to have this medium to be able to communicate with those I so dearly miss not seeing.

    “Gypsy” John Christman