Working While Traveling in an RV

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June 5, 2014

As RVers seek ways to enjoy their lifestyle many have turned to working while traveling as a way to support their lifestyle and as a means to supplement their pensions.

There are many ways for RVers to use their skills and talents to earn income while living in an RV.

Being a work-camper is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, one that is actively pursued by more than 80,000 RVers throughout the U.S. and Canada. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

There are many ways for RVers to use their skills and talents to earn an income while living in an RV.

Working while traveling in an RV can offset the cost of the RV lifestyle by exchanging their knowledge, skills, and labor for a free camping site and occasional minimum wage pay. Work-campers are typically employed by RV parks and destination resorts. Opportunities for work-camping are also available at amusement and theme parks, museums and art galleries, and other outdoor recreation facilities and attractions.

Many RVers working while traveling are on the road full-time, moving from place to place. Others stay long-term in one location or return to the same RV Park year after year.

Some camp hosts share responsibility for large RV parks, while others host smaller campgrounds alone. Responsibilities may include greeting visitors, office duties, collecting fees, equipment rental, organizing schedules and general maintenance.

RVers who work part-time while traveling can have a great time enjoying their chosen lifestyle: work a few hours a week in exchange for a free camp site and other perks that may include free utilities and laundry, cable TV and Wi-Fi, as well as free propane.

Working while traveling in an RV would fall under the broad definition of work-camping, there are also traditional jobs that can be done while traveling full-time on the road. Let’s look at some options:

  • With the advancement in mobile technology, it has become easier to work from a mobile office.
  • Some RVers continue to work at the job they had before retirement. Possibilities include consultants, webmasters, graphic artists, writers, photographers and sales people who work from their RV.
  • Establish an income producing website. You can earn income from visitors clicking on an advertisement or purchasing a product or service via a link from your website.

It’s no longer necessary to wait for retirement to live and travel full time in an RV. The dream is not about making enough money to live and travel in an RV. It is about pursuing your passion with the full-time RV lifestyle as a means to do that. There are unlimited ways to earn a living while traveling in an RV. It takes creativity and passion.

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  1. This would work great for us, however we are not quite at retirement age. I am needing housing while finishing up a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. I need to relocate and my internship is unpaid. My husband and myself were avid campers before his car accident. Now, he has limited physical abilities. His skills and knowledge make up for that. He was a electrical journeyman before the accident. He is a jack of all trades and loves the outdoors. If you know of a RV park in the Longmont, Colorado area , that has such a need please let us know. We are wanting to relocate ASAP