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February 22, 2009

The Long Long Honeymoon #81 – A Few Fave Products from Sean Michael.

Since it’s “Top 10” month here at, we thought we’d take this opportunity to launch our “fave products” video. So here are ten products that we don’t camp without.

This list is intended to be “a living video” (as opposed to a dead video?) that will be updated from time to time. Yes, it will soon grow to be longer than just ten items. But in the spirit of the month, we’re starting with ten. Eventually, we may open a new section of that’s dedicated to nothing but RV camping products, since they are always a hot topic.

Some of these items admittedly fall into the “household products” category. We’ll be adding more dedicated RV products (tank treatment, etc.) as time goes by. But quite frankly, when pressed to name ten highly useful camping products, these are the first ten that came to mind.

From the list, you might draw the conclusion that I am a germaphobe. While that’s not exactly true, it’s certainly true that given the choice, I’d rather avoid germs. We know what causes sickness these days, and it just seems common sense to me that we try to avoid it. (Unless you enjoy being sick.)

Some of these other items are those we’ve found particularly useful when RV camping. For example, there’s nothing terribly sexy about leather work gloves, but without ’em your hands will soon resemble raw hamburger.

A “memory foam” mattress pad? While a little on the expensive side, ’twas worth every penny. A good night’s sleep is crucial to enjoying the camping experience, especially over an extended period of time.

All of these items are “must haves” for us. When new items make the list, we will upload a fresh edit of this video to the “FAQ” section of Check out our website for the full scoop.



And hey, Sean’s even got a NEW “Sidebar Blog” going, for those of you who like to look at this old fashioned stuff called “text.”

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  4. Thanks Joel… What I usually do when watching longer videos online is press “play” to begin the download…then press “pause” and let the video download for a while … and then continue. I agree that the start-stop-start experience can be quite frustrating.

    As of today, I don’t know if there’s a perfect solution. Even though all of our content has been shot in High-Def, these embeds are actually not HD — they are compressed for online display. The more compressed, the faster they download (and the worse they look). I know what you are saying — “content is king,” but when we heavily compress we are reducing the quality of the visual content. So there’s always a tradeoff between fast download and quality. Maybe we can crunch ’em down a bit more…

  5. Joel Ashley

    Gotta say it, good tips, but even at home desktop computer with direct DSL hookup, the video comes on for 10 secs., goes off for 10, on for 10, off…

    If the content is most important, why shoot in Hi Def., and frustrate us into not watching at all?

  6. Bev, I want to thank you for your comment. You are an inspiration!

    It sounds like you have experienced many rewarding travels from Alaska to Mexico. At 86 years young, and you are still camping and enjoying life’s adventures! May we all be so lucky.

    My time in other countries has made me even more appreciative of the wonderful camping opportunities we have here in North America. We wouldn’t have it so good today if previous generations had not paved the way. Thanks for sharing your tales, and also for everything your generation did to establish camping in the USA.



  7. Beverly Van Duzen( Bev Male SMILE)

    I started traveling whe about 14 years old earning my wway working for the farmers in the thumb area. HOLD YOUR hand up rt hand palm facing face, the thunb is on the right side of face and is some of the best pheasant hunting and farming in th “30,s. Bought my first motor home3 a 22 ft cl c. I was hooked!!! Since than I have wanted to do what your doing but my family was not adventurersome. If you get last while travling don’t get mad at each other’its an adventure by the time you find out where your at and get back on trackFUN?FUN! WHEN we started we had no atm,no cell phone, Banks thought we where nuts>!!. I am 86 yrs young now and am down to a Cl. B RV no shower thank god for baby wipes when boon docking and save on water. Of course Argenten has a lot of water I believe.. My wife was needed upstaire for here method of mangeing my life. So have mercey on the Lord Virginia He has done a great job keeping me alive I just never saw enough of the west even when job took me east. We took 3 trips to Alaska and three down in Mexico and slpt every where on the deseart in the woods of Mich. and back in the 60,s we could park anywhere in Fl but with our don’t care about the next gen. coming we soon ruined it for the next generation.Sorry negative thinking isnt allowed in a RV even if it is a 19 ft van.I love the west and the interior of Mexico. The Mex. people had very little during our first trip. We saw grangpa coming down from the mtn carring a large bundle of wood for cooking his job every day’Mother cleaning cloths in the creek drying on the fence yet they would play music and or dance t the drop of a hat.We where luckeyand I envy each of you. Keep up your reports and MOVIES I ENVY eACH 0F YOU bev

  8. Hi Alan, I’ve added a page on our site with more detail about these products and where they can be located.

    or here

    With regard to the Wells Lamont gloves, they can be found in the hardware section of Costco. The non-latex gloves are in the pharmacy section.

    As you might’ve guessed, I’m a big fan of Costco. If Costco sells it, that’s where I’m buyin’ it. 😉

  9. alan richards

    Sean, I really liked the suggestions of the Top 10 RV items. I tried to search Costco for the Wells Lamont gloves and found no listing.

    When I checked Amazon and Bizrite, they had a list of various Lamont glove models and styles. Same for Oxygenics. It would really be benificial if you would list the model, style, etc.


  10. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement!

    We’ve invested a lot of time & energy producing videos for The Long Long Honeymoon. We create RV content because we enjoy camping, and this project brings my wife and I closer together. It’s supposed to be fun.

    It’s disappointing when a naysayer emerges to complain, but we’ve met an amazing number of nice people through our blog & videos. Whenever I hear a negative voice, I try to keep all those good folks in mind. (And all of you who have posted to this thread can count yourselves amongst this number!)

    Whenever we do ANYTHING on the Internet, we are opening ourselves up for criticism. It’s just so easy for someone to post anonymously. Believe me, when we started out, a few friends & family members wondered whether The Long Long Honeymoon was such a good idea… 😉

    But we’ve had at least 500,000 views of our videos, and nasty comments have been few and far between. I attribute this to the fact that most RVers are happy people of good cheer. One suspects that the whiners and complainers of the world, by and large, probably don’t RV. So we have been fortunate to have a warm and supportive audience

    As for our list… Many of our videos cater to folks who are shopping for their first RV, or are newcomers to the RV lifestyle. Some of our content will seem elementary to you old pros out there. But to newbies (and we were ALL newbies at some point) it is fresh information. To put it in mathematical terms, we deal with basic algebra more often than calculus.

    So, thanks again to everyone who offered thoughts of support. Now I am off to check out one of those tire pressure monitoring systems… 🙂

  11. Roger

    1. Liked the video
    2. You can’t make everyone happy all the time. Don’t even try
    4. I already have leather gloves, I have disposable gloves, GPS, Foam Bed topper
    5. I have small sprayer with bleach that can be sprayed on any minor spill or drips when I empty the tanks.
    6. Don’t have a leveler in my C-MH so don’t need adapter but good idea for thoes that do
    7 Get a Tire Pressure Monitor system
    8. Get a good digital tire gauge and use it.
    9 I have a small 12v air compressor from harbor freight ($30). Not fast but can top up a tire while at campground
    10 Pith helmet. Now why didn’t I think of that?

  12. First off don’t worry about the whiners. When you reply to them you help make their day. Maybe you should put on your list for them to get a faster ISP 😉

    Now for my suggestion. You say just get a GPS don’t worry about the brand. You should have said “do yourself a favor and make sure to get a GARMIN GPS because they are the best, maybe not the cheapest but the best”.

    Also I believe that a Tire Pressure Monitoring System should be on the list as well.

    Thanks and keep the HD videos coming!

  13. My husband and I just purchased a toy hauler, and I really appreciate the videos…Visuals are always nice.

  14. TXBrad

    Sean: Keep the Videos rolling. If , one wants to drive a Model T, fine ! But, the rest of the “Computer World” is moving forward very fast. Higher speeds, faster down loading, software, etc. More & more local newspapers & TV have news video clips. ( in living color & sound [ voice & music]).
    Sean, some (most) of your travels show thingsplaces we may never see or after seeing, want to go see.
    If, one don’t like it, that is what the ” Delete key” is for ! Goggle something else.

    TX Brad

  15. Carl

    Keep up the good work Sean !! ~~~~I enjoy them ~~~~~it seems like some people just have to post something negative~~~~~ they forget that all they have to do is hit DELETE !!~~~~maybe they think it makes them look more “macho” or something~~~~they forget that most people think they are very weak people that just have to add their 2 cents worth ~~~Thanks for all you do~~~keep them coming !!!!

  16. Kellie pIERCE


  17. Bill Price

    My wife and I really,really enjoy the videos. Don’t stop
    By the way it’s great how you and your wife relate to each other on them. Bill

  18. Sean, I agree with Gene…Keep them comming-whit

  19. Gene

    I really cant understand somebody being upset about the video!!!
    Seems your doing a great job.

  20. Thanks Tom, I appreciate the positive energy.

    There’s nothing quite like working hard on a new video, only to have some people (who have paid nothing for it, BTW) immediately take rude potshots at it.

    We’ve been making these videos for a couple of years now, and the vast majority of online response has been positive. In fact, prior to today I can only recall ONE such incident.

    These videos are intended to entertain, inform, and deliver 2-3 minutes of levity into your day. You nailed it: they are supposed to be FUN.

    Don’t want to watch video? That’s fine. There’s a MASSIVE amount of text-based content online. If you don’t like something, why not politely move on to something you do like? There’s just no need to radiate more negative energy into the world.

    Okay, I think it’s time for me to go put on my pith helmet… 😉

  21. Tom Hargreaves

    Some observations: a) The videos are fun to watch (don’t be shocked, now, I know y’all are trying to be really serial, here); b) The videos are, in fact, serial, so watching the whole thing through just to see what’s been added at the end might become, er, “pithy” (alternatively, one might have to learn how to use the little slider thingy at the bottom of the tiny movie screen); c) With only text, one would miss a good part of the humor (?), much of which is visual or voice expression; d) The videos are entertaining, they keep me wondering things like “How do they survive without slide-outs?” and “Where did they set the camera to get THAT sequence?”; e) Did I mention that the videos are fun?

  22. Thanks Jim, the beauty of the Internet is that we have all sorts of choices. If you don’t want to watch videos, there’s no shortage of other content to browse.

    Complaining about video in a video blog is kind of like marching into a library and saying, “Hey! What’s with all of these books? Let’s get some TVs in here, pronto!” 😀 It’s unrealistic, and frankly rude.

  23. Hi Martha!

    Yes, it’s tough watching a video blog on an aircard. Sorry about that. (If you want to try something REALLY tough, try uploading one of these HD videos on an aircard — it’s impossible!)

    There’s a constant struggle in the online world between quality video content and bandwidth. While I’m personally thrilled to see the explosion of HD video online, I realize that many users are unable to access it due to bandwidth restrictions.

    As I mention in the article, we’ll likely be adding a special section of recommended products to in the near future. Also, I maintain a regular blog in the right hand sidebar of that’s filled with good old fashioned text. 🙂

  24. Jim WYO

    I agree with Martha, I access this from home a lot where I have all the bandwidth I’d ever need, but these videos are just about worthless. If there are tips or things that would be of use I’d like to save the test of the article so I can reference it at a later date.

  25. I access the Internet with an air card (so I watch the bandwidth) but mainly I prefer to read text rather than to watch a video, and wish that I had a choice. I hope I didn’t miss anything spectacular in Sean Michael’s Top 10.