With the growing number of people and RVers taking to the open road this summer, I needed to be able to maneuver my Lance Camper in a safe and secure a way as possible. When I turned to the folks at Voyager to help me in this endeavor they really did expand my vision, as you will soon see.

[youtube TO91x6k1T14]


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  2. G Shea

    Great article- Check out my poor mans alternative…
    I thought it would be fun to try one of those wireless camera and monitors that Heartland America and Costco sell for 80.00. I put it on my 21 ft Nomad, and the Monitor I mounted with rubber bands on my trucks rear view mirror. It wouldn’t work due to range of 20 feet max. I took the camera apart (don’t ask me how I guessed the following was going to be possible) and was lucky to find the camera circuit and the transmitter circuit were on seperate PC boards. I placed the transmitter circuit in an old medicine bottle and ran wires under my trailer to the camera which mounts on the license plate. I then zip tied the medicine bottle/transmitter between the two propane bottles twenty feet closer to the truck without the big aluminum sided trailer to block it. It works great, full color and all. I do get some interference in cities, but works great most everywhere. Great camera for those on a budget and handy with a soldering iron. G Shea

  3. Hey Patrick. GREAT questions. Mine is permanently mounted to my Ford and the the back-up and roof cameras are on my Lance Truck Camper. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer so I had some help installing the system. You can only have four cameras, I believe. The cameras work good at night thanks to the LED assisted illumination. Great questions. Sorry I didn’t think to mention in the video.

  4. Patrick W. Tribbey

    That looks like a real neat system! That appears to be a motor home, though. How would that set-up work with a pickup and TT/camper? Are the left and right cameras permanantly mounted or are they portable? (Just in case the tow vehicle was changed). Is the system simple enough for the owner to install or will it have to be pro-installed?
    Just a few questions that came to mind while watching. Possible to add any more cameras?
    Brian, you looked like you were enjoying the camera system. On the other hand, how annoying is it while driving: In town; on the interstate; maneuvering into a camping space—-especially at night in the dark?
    Please keep up the good work! 🙂