VIDEO: Ever Run Out of GAS?

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May 17, 2009

‘Tis said that the journey is the destination. But what does that mean? Since we tend to travel in heavy doses, our own “destination” extends beyond the campground. I’m referring to life on the road.

At, we consider all aspects of the RV experience.

Take, for example, the timeless question, “Do you have enough space?”

A psychological transition happens a few days into a major road trip. We not only shift gears; we shift lifestyles. Our minds quickly redefine what constitutes “normal.”

It’s a reasonable query, and by now the answer is obvious. The reality is that people don’t need a lot of space to be happy and satisfied; we need to be comfortable. And the two of us are quite comfortable, together, occupying our RV.

A friend of mine recently analogized our RV trips to an ocean cruise. At first glance this seems odd, but there’s some substance to this analogy. Heck, Airstream once made a travel trailer dubbed the Land Yacht. So, do you have “enough space” on a cruise ship? Of course: you have what you need.

Sometimes the more pertinent question is along these lines: “Do you have enough gas?”

Sadly, sometimes the answer to this question is no.


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  2. Thanks Robert! I appreciate the positive feedback.

    At the moment we are back on the road (currently in the New York City area). It feels good to be back in creative mode, producing fresh videos. I’m glad they are finding an audience.



  3. Robert Kolba

    I’m just killing my sunday afternoon watching some of your videos. I am a regular but I was just looking back at some of your past work.

    They’re great.

    Thanks for sharing with us