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August 18, 2013

Q: I have a 2003 Class A Georgie Boy motorhome, and the front TV cabinet began to bounce apart. After repairing it, I decided to swap the original 42-pound TV with an LED HD unit weighing 7 pounds. I found a 22-inch Samsung that fit inside the cabinet with space for rubber padding on the sides. After installation, I discovered that the screen goes dark when viewed from below so I can’t watch from my recliner up front. I checked other 22-inch brands and experienced the same phenomenon, but larger TVs (26- to 32-inch) do not have this problem. Have OEMs encountered this?

Also, at 100-percent volume, I can’t hear the TV over the front air conditioner, even when the fan’s on low. The speakers point down, and being inside the cabinet doesn’t help. Samsung suggested a surround-sound system via an HDMI connector, but this is a costly and difficult-to-install solution. I’ve considered angling the front of the cabinet downward for more direct viewing and making the screen flush with the cabinet exterior, which isn’t an easy project. Any suggestions?

—Bruce Lindenmuth, Rittman, Ohio

A: Not all TVs are created equal when it comes to quality, although Samsung is a good brand. Viewing angle is critical in some TVs, and that’s why you should spend time in front of prospective models before buying.

You can fix the problem by using a mount with an articulating bracket. A good solution for your configuration is the MOR/ryde Slide-Out and Swivel Base Mount that’s designed for cabinet installations (morryde. com/aftermarket/TV-mounts.html); the process is not that difficult

but takes planning and time. The bracket allows the TV to be mounted inside a cabinet, pulls out for use and articulates to optimize the viewing angle.

The sound problem is common with these TVs, especially when competing with air-conditioner noise. Your best bet is to find an inexpensive amplifier/speaker system that can easily connect to the

TV. Many automotive and RV stereo systems have provisions for this type of hookup.

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