Top Twenty-five Little Things That Mean a Lot to RVers

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February 18, 2009

Little things that mean a lot to RVers on the road often don’t cost much, are brought from home or are intangible treasures.

Little Cost
It’s surprising how much difference the purchase of a few inexpensive items, such as those that follow, can affect RVers’ enjoyment of travel:

1. A flashlight shines light on the leveling instrument placed in the lower shelf of the refrigerator, helps to find a fuse or read the print in a dark compartment and illuminates a path at night in a campground.

2. A simple nightlight promotes safety during the night.

3. A favorite bar of soap refreshes the body at the end of the day.

4. A fly swatter may not be used often, but RVers find it difficult to swat a mosquito or fly without one.

5. A magnifying glass greatly enhances the reading of fine print on a map or directions on a small bottle.

6. A small calculator on board helps RVers to figure fuel mileage and daily expenses.

7. Small bungee cords hold back draperies and can be easily released to close them.

8. A note pad or scrap paper and pens fulfill a need when writing a grocery list or to- do memo.

9. Scissors serve well for making sewing repairs and opening plastic packaging.

10. A small alarm clock helps RVers to sleep with the assurance that they will wake up on time.

11. A microfiber cloth hanging on the shower door rod will be ready to use to wipe down the shower and the adjacent sink basin.

12. A small digital voltmeter, such as a Good Governor, plugged into an electrical outlet in the kitchen area will show how many volts are available from the campground or auxiliary generator electricity.

13. An atomic or regular wall clock allows RVers to check the time with a quick glance.

14. An indoor/outdoor thermometer provides a clue on how to dress.

15. Towel rods for each person near the wash basin let RVers know quickly which towel to use.

16. A whisk broom stored within easy reach of the entry steps is handy to sweep twigs and loose dirt from the entry area.

Available from Home
Items from the house that mean a lot to RVers on a trip include the following:

17. A cell phone (and its charger) keeps RVers in touch with their home community and can be used to make reservations en route.

18. Bed pillows from home provide a good night’s sleep.

19. An afghan provides comfort and warmth for a nap on the RV sofa.

20. A Bible or other devotional material from home gives peace to traveling RVers.

Intangible Assets

You can’t buy them in a store, but these intangible assets can enhance the enjoyment of an RV trip:

21. Planning and researching ahead and writing an itinerary avoids daily decisions en route on what to do or where to go, yet plans can be changed as the RVers travel.

22. Creating a written daily menu removes everyday decisions so RVers can better enjoy attractions on the road.

23. Cultivating a relaxed attitude toward money decreases tensions among RV travelers.

24. Having certain items within easy reach (pens, pencils, maps, an atlas, a calculator, folders for campground brochures and receipts and a small trash bag) makes the RV navigator’s job easier.

25. A simple “please” and “thank you” are also little things that mean a lot to the RV driver, navigator and fellow RVers. They cost nothing and greatly enrich the RVing experience.

Happy RVing!

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  1. Sue

    Great list! I added four things to my own list!