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Top Twenty-five Little Things That Mean a Lot to RVers

Little things that mean a lot to RVers on the road often don’t cost much, are brought from home or are intangible treasures. Little Cost It’s surprising how much difference the purchase of a few inexpensive items, such as those that follow, can affect RVers’ enjoyment of travel: 1. A flashlight shines light on the

Navigating in your RV – Bernice’s Tips

How many times have you heard or said, “You can’t get there from here”? Navigation is key when heading out in an RV. Finding your way can be scary and mysterious; you can and will get lost. And although map reading comes easier to some people than others, road maps and atlases are necessary tools,

Traveling with Children – Part 1 – Bernice’s Tips

Although our motorhome usually contains just the two of us, many people take their children or grandchildren along for the ride. Traveling by RV is more economical for families than flying and staying in hotels, and taking children camping enriches the whole family. Here are some tips when traveling with children. To keep children involved