Unlike springtime, when we ready our RV for our first trip of a new season, most of us don’t have an end-of-season checklist that can help protect our RV investment.

This is often the case when it comes to RV care. Although exterior cleaning is at the top of most spring checklists, here is your friendly reminder to clean when the weather turns cooler and leaves drop.
Whether you continue to RV – tailgating with a favorite football team – or put it away until “snowbird” time or simply store it until next spring, it’s worth the time and effort to be kind to your RV this fall.

THetford Premium RV Rubber Roof Cleaner and ConditionerOunce of Prevention

In keeping with Ben Franklin’s famous quote, Paula Pacholke-Dumont, Thetford’s Chemical Development Manager, reminds us that an ounce of RV preventive care now can be worth a pound of cure later.

Take your RV’s roof, for example.

Depending on where you are in the country, it’s often wetter in the fall and being cooler means that standing water doesn’t evaporate as quickly. These two factors, along with leaves that trap moisture, contribute to a growth of mold and mildew stains can develop on your RV roof.

Start At The Top With RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

Start at the top with your RV’s roof and work your way down. Thetford’s Premium Rubber Roof Cleaner & Conditioner is a great place to start. It is petroleum-free and safe for RV rubber roofs, and it also works on fiberglass and aluminum RV roofs.

Part of Thetford’s complete line of premium RV care products, Rubber Roof Cleaner & Conditioner is a product that – in a single step – works both now and continues working in the future.

To improve your RV roof now, it deep cleans to remove oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, leaves, dirt buildup, mold and mildew stains and more.

With an eye toward future RV trips, the product conditions your RV’s roof and has a UV blocker to help protect it over the winter.

Speaking of the future RV trips, Thetford’s Paula Pacholke-Dumont also reminds us that a fall RV cleaning can also make your next season’s RV cleaning – whether that happens in January, the spring or another time – a lot less tedious.

Yet another good reason to be kind to your RV and care for it this fall!

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  1. Anonymous

    what about tent traier roofs i have a forest river model2317g roof is fibreglass would a good beach first to clean up with water than a good wax ??

  2. Anonymous

    I see very little mention of TPO roof maintenance in all the articles I’ve seen .
    Any recommendations?