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September 17, 2009

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The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge 6 is focusing on popular RV destinations. Get a pencil and paper so that you can record your answers as you go through it.  You will then be able to check your answers against those displayed at the very bottom.  Be sure to share your score and any other comments you may have in the comments section following the answers.

1) If you wanted to travel to Grant’s Tomb, the resting place of Ulysses S. Grant, what city would you need to head to?

A)   Atlanta, Georgia

B)    Louisville, Kentucky

C)    New York City, New York

D)   Washington D.C.

E)    Arlington, Virginia

2)If you have just arrived with your RV at the largest state operated camp ground in the U.S.A., what state would you be in?

A)   Alabama

B)    California

C)    Michigan

D)   New Mexico

E)    Washington

3) Carlsbad Caverns attracts many visitors including a great number of Rv’ers.  What state would be your destination if you were to head there?

A)   Colorado

B)    Arizona

C)    New Mexico

D)   Utah

E)    South Dakota

4) The tragedy of the Edmund Fitzgerald can be remembered as you tour the museum dedicated to it.  Plenty of parking for even RV’s is usually available.  Where is this located?

A)   Whitefish, Minnesota

B)    Whitefish Point, Michigan

C)    Whitefish, Wisconsin

D)   Whitefish, Maine

E)    Duluth, Minnesota

Walled City

5) The photo on the left shows one of the only walled cities in North America.  This makes a wonderful destination in a unique setting and attracts many RV’ers each year.  Where is it?

A)   Quebec City, Quebec Canada

B)    Montreal, Quebec Canada

C)    St. Augustine, Florida

D)   Ottawa, Ontario Canada

E)    Kingston, Ontario Canada

6) Attractions galore await at this RV destination with plenty of campgrounds in the area.  You will be kept busy with attractions such as The Titanic Museum, Silver Dollar City, The Imax Complex, Dinosaur Museum, Butterfly Palace, trail riding, golf, live shows and much, much more.  So, where is this great destination?

A)   Las Vegas, Nevada

B)    Laughlin, Nevada

C)    Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

D)   Branson, Missouri

E)    Orlando, Florida

7) You had better pack your water wings, not your scuba gear, to camp at this lake.  With a maximum depth of 1949 feet, it ranks as the deepest lake in the U.S.  What lake is this great destination?

A)   Lake Superior

B)    Crater Lake

C)    Lake Tahoe

D)   Table Rock Lake

E)    Lake Okeechobee

8) From out of the history book to actually being there, the site of Custer’s last stand is a popular visited area.  Also termed the Battle at Little Bighorn, what state will you be visiting to see this?

A)   South Dakota

B)    North Dakota

C)    Wyoming

D)   Colorado

E)    Montana

National Monument

9) The photo on the left is a U.S. national monument that draws over 400,000 visitors each year.  Of these, approximately 4,000 visitors actually climb the monument annually.  What is the name of this popular monument?

A)   Devil’s Tower

B)    Beacon Rock

C)    The Grand Mesa

D)   Tower Rock

E)    Mount Colorado

10) An interesting attraction to visit while RV’ing about the country is a replica of Stonehenge.  Completed in 1930, it is almost an exact copy of the structure located in southern U.K.  Dedicated to those who died in World War 1, the attraction is free to tour.  Where would you find this unique site?

A)   Whitebird, Idaho

B)    Lolo, Montana

C)    Maryhill, Washington

D)   Pendleton, Oregon

E)    Provo, Utah

Okay, all finished? Now let’s see how you did.  Check your answers with those found below.  Now don’t forget to post your score and comments in the section at the far bottom.

With The Questions & The Answers   –   Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer

1) (C) General Grant’s Tomb is located in New York

2) – (A) Wind Creek State Park is located in Alabama. With over 626 camp sites on over 320 acres, it ranks as the largest in the U.S.

3) – (C) Carlsbad is located in south eastern New Mexico

4) – (B) Whitefish Point, Michigan, not far from where the ship sank

5) – (A) Quebec City in Quebec Canada offers a glimpse of the past and is well worth visiting.

6) – (D) Branson, Missouri is loaded with attractions and things to do.  It is also located near Table Rock Lake, a popular summer destination.

7) – (B) Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the U.S.

8) – (E) The Battle of Little Bighorn was fought in Montana.

9) – (A) Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

10) – (C) Sam Hill’s creation of Stonehenge is in Maryhill, Washington on the Columbia River

Share your score with us in the comments section below

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  1. Digby Casteline, 80% right! Your smarter than the average bear, or at least Daphny. Not to make a big deal out of it, but Mysty got 9 out of 10. See you all at RB this winter. Thanks for your input Digby, wish your parents were half as smart.

  2. Digby Casteline

    Uncle Peter,

    I got 8 out of 10.


  3. TERRY, Great you love camping. That much I understood. The rest may have been directed toward another post. But, hey, thanks for your input.


  5. Kay Thomas, 8 is a great score considering you have never visited any of these. Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for both your comment and posting your score.

  6. Hi–Got 8 right–haven’t been to most of these places, but I read a LOT! Thanks for a fun quiz.

  7. Drifter, A very good point. However, the key word here was “Campground”. El Dorado’s 1100 sites are made up of four separate campgrounds, not one, as Wind Creek is. But that was a great question, and if wording translation was skewed, it may well be the correct answer. Thank you for the challenge and a great question. Your participation is very much appreciated and enjoyed.

  8. Drifter

    Just curious as to why the El Dorado State Park in Kansas with 1100 campsites and 4000 acres was not considered as an answer

  9. Barbara Kirkhart, Great score! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  10. Kathy Payne, 50% is not bad. You would have to be somewhat knowledgable to get that score as averagely, you would only score 2 if you guess at them all. Thanks for posting your score.

  11. Barbara Kirkhart Palmer

    8 right – missed the first 2; good quiz!

  12. Kathy Payne

    5 right, 50% not to bad for this ole gal.

  13. Joe, You got an average score too, nothing wrong with that. Hope you do check out the Alabama park out, and thanks for your participation.

  14. Linda, If you knew none of the answers and had to guess them all, you had better go out and buy a Powerbal because you are very lucky.l The law of averages would have scored a 2 only if that were the case. Thanks for sharing your score.

  15. Dennis, You pulled an average score, no need for “ugh!” Guess’s count too. Thanks for your input.

  16. Joe

    Got six, including a couple of lucky guesses. We are going to have to try that Alabama park the next time we are down that way.

  17. Linda

    I got 5 right, I’m a lucky guesser. I just hope before I quit traveling I see them all.

  18. Dennis

    Only got 6 right and two were guesses….ugh !

  19. larry9824, Great 80%. You can join the people that scored above average on this one Thanks for posting your score.

  20. larry9824

    Missed the first two.

  21. Lisa T, 6 is an average score for this one, so pat yourself on the back. Even though it appears that 6 is average, so far, I’m surprised as it is not real easy. Good going and thank you and all, for posting your scores.

    So………..LET’S HEAR FROM MORE!!!!

    Also, don”t miss the next RV Mystry Camper on October 1st. and The RV Trivia Challenge 7 on October 22nd.

  22. Lisa T

    I got 6 right / 4 wrong…. mostly missed the ones back east. I’m surprised I did that well!!

  23. Art, Thanks. Well the four of you did well, staying with what scores an average mark.. Were adult beaverages involved?

  24. Art

    Good one Peter!!!

    A group effort, four RV’ers……………6 out of 10

  25. Ray, Great score on this one. The average of those that gave their specific score is 6.2, or 62%.

    So………..Many of you did better than you think.

  26. Wow! You guys are very good and, I must say, very honest. Don Gibson is a whiz. 9 out of 10 is excellent. These are not that easy, even if you have been there.
    Lori Sherman, Rich Hoffpauer, CamperJohn, C. H. Collins, desertratdan (And he has a great sense of humor), Lynda Begg, Judy and maryearlene are pretty smart and are certainly honest.
    Gary Merklein is an up and comer with an 80% score. So far he is second only to Don for this month’s bragging rights. GREAT GOING to all of you.
    Now let’s see some more.

  27. Ray from Nevada

    Got six! Wow, and I live near Tahoe, never been to Crater lake yet! Guess its time to service the old Duramax, hook-up the fiver and get on the road!

  28. maryearlene

    5 correct 50% Not bad for a Newbee who has never visited any of them !!

  29. Judy

    I didn’t do so good. Only got three correct. Time to hit the road I guess.

  30. Lynda Begg

    Wow, as a Canadian West Coast only (so far) traveller, I surprised myself to get 5 out of 10. I will be doing more travelling soon as we retire, so look out for a 10 out of 10 then!

  31. desertratdan

    I’m a westerner so, natch, I got the west ones right. I don’t plan on going east but southeast would do, as long as I could leave my left turn signal on forever!

  32. C. H. Collins,11

    I got THREE correct,and all of them were guesses. It look like THE BRUISER is do for a spin outside of the State of Texas.
    God Bless You all, and we will,

  33. CamperJohn

    Time to hit the road again, this time off of the eastern states.

  34. Gary Merklein

    I missed 2, but had a couple of lucky guesses. Looking forward to seeing some of these places.

  35. Don Gibson

    Ok I missed 1 but I did get nine correct ~~~ Time to hit the road again!

  36. Thomas W. Pittman

    i got 7 of the 10–i feel pretty dumb as i live in Alabama & have been to Grants tomb–haven’t been to Branson so i don’t feel too bad about that one–still 70% for a 77 year old guy is not bad–we lived five years as full-timers in our Motorhome & traveled most of the good old USA–
    Keep the peace–
    Thomas W. Pittman
    Lillian, Alabama

  37. Rich Hoffpauer

    6 out of 10 correct.

  38. Lori Sherman

    I only got 4 correct. I guess I have more traveling to do.