The RV Mystery Camper. Do You Know Where This Is?

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May 6, 2010


The Lug_Nut Mystery Camper is again enjoying an RV park somewhere in North America. Your job is to name the park and location.    We have some photos of the site including one he must have taken from a hot air baloon.  See if you can earn the bragging rights to this one by being the first to solve it.  Where is this and what is the name of the RV park?

So let’s here your guess in the comment section at the bottom.



That’s it!  Now all you have to do is name the place and park.

With Another Mystery Camper Site     –      Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer

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  3. I think its Blue Eye Arkansas only this have golf course, m sure about this

  4. Mark Baumler

    two river landing rv resort

    2328 Business Center Cir
    Sevierville, TN 37876-0574

  5. S.Birtz

    Hi !

    This is realy the Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks. I think I’ll go visit this nice place.

  6. tom todd

    caney creek rv park in kingston tn

  7. Wow! You guys are good. Mike McNabb was the first to name it, good going Mike! Sounds like there are many well travelled people. Thanks for all your participation.

  8. Roy

    It’s where I would rather be right now, instead of at work!!! 🙂

  9. Feeline

    Outdoor Resorts, Ar. (Table Rock Lake)

  10. Stevie Duvaldadrian

    It’s Table Rock Lake to answer the question marks.

  11. Art Armstrong

    I have no clue, but I would like to be there. 🙂

  12. donna wilson

    The Ozarks RV Resort, Oak Grove AR. We stayed there about 4 or 5 years ago.
    Loved it; in fact we were camping with friends this week-end who just purchased a new RV and we talked about doing this again together. Close to Branson Missouri and right on the lake; table top.???

  13. Willie Miller

    I agree with Jim. Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks near Blue Eye. 1229 County Road 663, Oak Grove, AR‎ – (870) 749-2700‎

    I haven’t been there but the hot air balloon shot matches to the Google Map Satellite picture.

    Have a great tomorrow!!

  14. CORRECTION: Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks is actually in Oak Grove, Arkansas, on County Road 663, which is *near* Blue Eye, Arkansas (and neighboring Blue Eye, Missouri).

  15. Leonard E Lynch

    Blue Eye Arkansas. Beautiful accomodations and great people!

  16. Don H

    Ohio River

  17. Mark Ortega

    The Ozarks RV Resort of Outdoor Resorts of America, Inc.

  18. Mike McNabb

    Outdoor Resort , Blue Eye ,Arkansas

  19. Dale Wilcox

    This campground is in Red Bluff CA on the Sacramento River

  20. Dale Wilcox

    This park is in Red Bluff CA. on the Sacramento River.