This months Mystery Challenge is “Name The Location.  Our mystery RV camper has traveled to a park somewhere in North America.  Your challenge is to name the park and location.  These photos, albeit small, are some of the clues you have.

These photos (shown to the left and below) were all taken at the park that the mystery camper is at.  The aerial post card actually shows the entire camping resort.  Whether you have been to it or not, there are clues below that can help you solve this and name both the location and name of the park.

Some more clues.

* It was originally a “Destination”

* The nearest city is _R__NS_I__E (Fill in the blanks)

* Twenty six – ninty seven

* Operated under the name originated by Dave Drum

That’s all the clues for now.  Let’s see who can solve this one.  Enter your guess in the comment section found at the bottom.  The answer to the March Mystery Challenge, will be published at the end of the month.  So, are you going to post the correct answer and have bragging rights for this month’s challenge?

Alright, let’s hear your guess in the comment section below.

Happy Hunting     –     Lug_Nut       –       Peter Mercer

Don’t miss the “RV Trivia 2 “next Thursday March 12th!  Let’s see how you rate.

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  1. Gary Dunham

    Looks like San Diego to me. The bridge looks like the one going over to Coranado.

  2. John

    My guess is South Padre Island KOA.


  3. Bluebird Bob

    We’re staying there now and overpaying for our site….typical KOA.
    South Padre Island, Texas.
    We won’t be back.

  4. John P.

    Definitly Sunshine Key resort florida keys

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  7. Tom Hargreaves

    OK, I got to it by deduction: palms most likely in south, the causeway with the sunset/rise must run roughly N-S, and causeways are often on coasts. Search Florida cities, California cities, Texas cities for those with “ns” in the name and probably ending with “ville”. Aha, Brownsville. The sun in the sunrise photo is right over a KOA sign; lookup KOAs in Brownsville or S. Padre Island. South Padre Island KOA has picture of boat slips identical to “clue” photo and labeled “South Padre KOA’s 700’ Fishing Pier!” Therefore, it’s highly likely that location is South Padre Island KOA.
    Wish I were there now. The snow in our front yard has dwindled from 3′ to just a coupla inches, but the trailer is still surrounded by piles of the the stuff, so no dragging it out yet. Humph.
    Happy camping!

  8. Tim Keppler

    This one is South Padre Island KOA

  9. Chris

    It’s definitely South Padre Island.

    The Bridge was a dead tip-off. We’ve been to SPI 5 times RV camping, and several more times in hotels. The numbers are obviously the latitude and longitude. I knew them from having used a GPS there, without even having to look them up.

    Oh yeh: that expensive campground, (that we never stayed at) just south of the bridge. So it’s a KOA this year? So it must be called the “South Padre Island KOA”.

    $60 for a site? Until 7 or 8 years ago you could camp several places for free. We used to love it; it was paradise. The powers-that-be (which doubtlessly include the KOA corporation) have closed off all the boondocking sites, except right on the beach. While I think it may still be legal, there are usually only a couple RVs camping right on the beach, and the impression is that they’re not really welcome. Now they’re trying to demolish the at-least-somewhat-more-reasonably-priced Isla Blanca campground and put up a gambling casino. When they’re done, $60 for a site will probably seem dirt cheap.

    We probably will never take our RV to South Padre Island again. It’s obvious RVs aren’t welcome there, unless they “know their place”, and pay exorbitant fees. Leave it for the “RV snobs”. This is “gentrification”, pure and simple.

  10. Hmmmm……………Did the mystery camper really leave clues in the photo properties, or did he do it to purposely throw you a curve?

  11. John

    Looks similar to the Holiday Campground near Panacea Florida. It was a nice place with a great Sea Food Resturant across the road.

  12. Donnie

    It is Destin Florida

  13. DUCE


  14. George Jueckstock

    Yep, it is South Padre Island KOA Nice place indeed. No big secret now, huh

  15. KOA Campground South Padre Island. This one was alittle more difficult but like they said above, you need to change the properties on the photo before uploading them. Once I put in the search bar “RV Parks Padre Island” up popped the KOA.

  16. Rich D.

    Too easy, you’ve got to change the “properties” on the photo information. It says South Padre Island!!

  17. Aaron Borovoy

    Perhaps you should change the names of your graphics . . .

  18. Looks like South Padre Island KOA.