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Burnaby Cariboo RV Park - skytrain

Downtown Vancouver is Just a Short Hop on the SKYTRAIN from Burnaby Cariboo RV Park!

Centrally located next to Burnaby Lake Regional Park, Burnaby Cariboo RV Park is ideally located to meet any travelers needs. From adventurers looking to enjoy the varied outdoor activities popular in Vancouver, to those looking to relax while exploring everything downtown Vancouver has to offer. The SKYTRAIN located a short walk from Burnaby Cariboo RV

Vancouver parking area with motorhomes and tall buildings in background

Vancouver: A different Type of Winter Escape

A call to all Snowbirds! Most Snowbirds think of flying south when planning a winter getaway, but have you ever considered flying to the West Coast? British Columbia is called “Beautiful British Columbia” for a reason, which doesn’t fall short of expectations. With beautiful mountainous landscapes, eye-catching city skylines and ocean views that leave everyone