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Blog vs Trip Journal: Part 3 – Guests and Messaging

Blogs commonly allow guests to post comments related to a single posting. Most commonly, the comment is posted, an email is dispatched to the blogger, and the blogger can then decide to delete. In this way, RV.net authors – myself included – have received quality info from the public on the subject of our informative

Faster Uploads to your Trip Journal

We’ve all experienced it…a lousy internet hookup at your campsite that makes you feel like you’ve returned to the days of dial-up. When you’re on the road it is not always easy to find a fast connection, but like many of you, I am not going to let that stop me from getting my photos

Your Story: The Right Way to Write? Part 1

Well you may not be Shakespeare, but you have a writing style all you own. Those who choose to write about their travels can find it very rewarding. Whether it is a personal diary of memories for you to cherish or a vivid account of your adventures to share with others, keeping a journal can