Use Descriptive Trip Journal Titles to entice the World

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April 28, 2008

So you are really into the trip journaling thing…all your friends and family are on your update list, but you are hungry for more…a larger audience to share your adventures with.

If you are in fact trying to drive traffic to your Trip Journal, keywords in titles are actually very important. It helps the search engine spiders index your site and lets the Google-searching world find you more easily.

Alaska-Yukon Travel Journal headings
Alaska-Yukon travel journal

Phoenix, Arizona. An accurate description of where you have been? Yes. A catchy title? Not really. I must admit I have fallen into this myself. Too lazy or not feeling imaginative enough to wow my readers with an eye-catching title. However, it can make a huge difference to bringing people to your site and making people actually want to read your content. How about “Taking in the Arts in Phoenix”? Now with search engines, this tiny step will transform your article from one of thousands about Phoenix to one of perhaps a few dozen about the arts in Phoenix.

Not only will adding descriptive titles help folks find you, but it will entice them to look further and click to read your stories. Ask yourself if you were searching, which of these two articles would you be most likely to click on?

June 2/07 Spying the Florida Panther

or June 2/07 The Everglades

Likely the first one: the first is evocative and enticing; the second you could have seen a million times.

Dan Parlow
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