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RV Cooking Show – Crockpot Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

Holiday greetings, friends,   Poof! All of a sudden we’re coming into the busy, busy winter holiday season so I’ll make this brief. Do the words “RVing” and “turkey” in the same sentence have you shaking your head, thinking “can’t happen”? Well think again! In this episode of the RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder shares

Furnace Creek at Death Valley National Park in CA

For travelers Ron and Jane, Death Valley National Park is a destination that everyone would be able to enjoy. In their travel journal, Ron & Jane 2007-08-09, they describe their favorite spots here, which include Furnace Creek. Furnace Creek is a village in the center of the beautiful Death Valley National Park. Accommodating travelers that

Blog vs Trip Journal: Part 3 – Guests and Messaging

Blogs commonly allow guests to post comments related to a single posting. Most commonly, the comment is posted, an email is dispatched to the blogger, and the blogger can then decide to delete. In this way, RV.net authors – myself included – have received quality info from the public on the subject of our informative