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Trip Planning with Streets and Trips

by Chris Guld, www.GeeksonTour.com del.icio.us Tags: Microsoft Streets and Trips,trip planning,gas cost calculator In today’s GPS-connected world, travelers have many choices for navigation devices.  Garmin, Tom-Tom, Magellan, and Copilot are just a few of the brand names for the dashboard devices that will guide you down the road.  Even our cell phone (Droid) has wonderful

GPS – Which do you prefer?

For the entire 5 years we’ve been on the road we’ve used a GPS navigation system on our laptop to help us find our way. I wrote about this in a previous post, including a short video. This time, we also have a Garmin Nuvi ‘dashtop’ GPS. It is so much more convenient to take

GPS: Laptop or Dashtop?

After staying in South Florida all winter we’re back on the road again! We’re currently in Perry Georgia for the FMCA International Convention. We’ll be giving lots of computer seminars here this week. When we’re not giving a seminar, you’ll find us at the Computer Help Desk area. If you’re here too, stop and say