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Close view of Solar Panels at RV Park

California Thousand Trails Resort Taps Solar Power in a Big way

Campers who visit Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Southern California have always enjoyed ample sunshine. This year, campground management has put those rays to work with a major renewable energy initiative. The Menifee-based campground has mounted new Premium RV storage solar panels over RV storage spots and is expected to produce 2.4 million

Grasping Solar Power

If you enjoy boondocking, tailgating or visiting areas where pedestal power is not available or generator use is prohibited, then clean, quiet solar power may be the energy source you’ve been seeking. A solar power system lets you enjoy the benefits of clean, quiet, portable power that will last over 20 years with only minimum

“Ask a solar expert”

RV solar panels can provide some and even all of your on-board electricity needs. How well RV solar works for you and how much it costs is not necessarily a function of the size or type of RV you own.