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Improving Your Sleep On The Road

By Diane Barnet, R.N. The amount of sleep individuals need can range from five to nine hours, but most of us require seven or eight hours a night. Problems occur when we find it hard to fall asleep, wake up often during the night or awaken too early, resulting in fatigue during the day. Stress,

Overnight Stay at Wal-Mart

Imagine yourself travelling with your family. You know you want to drive as much as possible and eventually stop for only a night. However you don’t want to stop at a campground for only a night so you wonder where you can go. Have you considered the Wal-Mart or Sam’s Clubs parking lots? Did you

Do you turn your computer off?

We leave ours on all the time.  The only time we turn them off is when we are on the road.  Some people say you should leave your computer on because the act of turning the computer on and off will actually shorten it’s life.  Others say you should turn your computer off when not