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Tips and tricks for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the AC units in your RV to ensure they don’t fail you on the road.

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Mark My Words – May: A/C, Amps and Awnings

Hi, folks. I have some interesting maintenance questions and answers and some reader responses for you this month. I hope you are out there enjoying some great Spring RVing! Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected]. ————————————————–   Hi Mark I run a dehumidifier when I leave my 5th wheel in Naples for a

AC Maintenance Tips to Keep You Cool

Air conditioners are a welcome feature on your RV on a hot afternoon or evening. They only have to fail once on a hot humid day to remind you just how great they are.  So it is important to maintain and care for these workhorses to ensure their efficiency and longevity. Perhaps the simplest and