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Winslow and Meteor Crater — Out-of-this-World RV Adventure

Flaming meteors and a musical hit put this pair of attractions at the top of the charts

Stay Here During Your Visit: Meteor Crater RV Park, Winslow   If the world seems volatile now, imagine what it must have been like 50,000 years ago, when a flaming meteor traveling roughly 26,000 miles per hour slammed into the earth near modern-day Winslow, Arizona. Meteor Crater is a fascinating and popular attraction that’s considered to

Meteor Crater RV Park

Meteor Crater RV Park – Starry Nights and Beautiful Sunsets of Northern Arizona

Enjoy the open country of Northern Arizona. Set up your lawn chairs and take in the beautiful sunsets and starry nights with spectacular views of the San Francisco Peaks. While exploring the night sky at Meteor Crater RV Park, you’re very likely to see a falling star – the fiery passage of a cosmic dust particle through