Out-of-This-World Camping at Meteor Crater RV Park

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February 15, 2021

Sun on the horizon overlooking a mammoth impact crater in the desert

Meteor Crater RV Park is situated along Interstate 40 and old Route 66, outside Winslow, Arizona. The RV Park is a beautiful place to camp and enjoy one of the finest star and sky shows in the southwest! Set up camp and take in the views at a unique and beautiful spot with majestic pines, kids playground, dog park, FREE Wi-Fi, amenities, gas station, general store and Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff on the near horizon in the Western sky. 

Aerial shot of RVs parked with ample spaces

Meteor Crater RV Park

Open all year, the RV park has all pull-thru sites with 71 RV sites, 3 tent sites, 2 dry camping sites, 36 full hook-up, 30/50-amp sites, 22 electric and water 30 amp sites and 13 electric and water 50-amp sites. With extended stays available upon request, Meteor Crater RV Park is a great stop along Route 66!

Located near the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Sedona and many great National Parks and Landmarks, Meteor Crater RV Park is the perfect home base for your Northern Arizona explorations.

View from the rim showing vast expanse of huge crater.

Meteor Crater

Cool Crater

And, just 6 miles down the road is Meteor Crater, the world’s best-preserved and most incredible meteorite impact site on the planet! Over 50,000 years ago space and earth collided when a meteor impacted our planet creating one of the most spectacular collisions in history. At 550-feet deep and almost a mile wide in diameter, Meteor Crater was formed in about 10 seconds when the meteorite, traveling at 26,000 mph, crashed into the earth. The force of impact was 150 times greater than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and equal to 20 million tons of TNT. In 2020, Meteor Crater was names by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Learn about our 50-year Lunar Legacy that started in the 1960s, when astronauts preparing for the first moon landing explored the crater’s unique and rugged terrain to help train for what they could expect in space. Enjoy hourly guided rim tours provide a fun, educational and interactive experience to learn about this unique location and there are several observation decks to give visitors the opportunity to study the rock walls within the crater and see the breathtaking desert landscape, along with a fully air-conditioned viewing space inside the Visitor’s Center.

Gift shop displaying compelling geological finds.

Meteor Crater

Insights Into Impact

This world-class attraction also features a Space Museum and Discovery Center housing interactive displays containing information about meteorites, asteroids, impact cratering mechanics, and the formation of Meteor Crater. The whole family will enjoy seeing “IMPACT, The Mystery of Meteor Crater” movie shown in the 80 seat big-screen theater and the brand new immersive and Telly Award-winning 4D movie experience, “COLLISION!” giving viewers the chance to help save the planet.

A trip to Meteor Crater isn’t complete without spending time at the best Gift & Mineral Shop on Route 66, where you can find all kinds of cool and unique keepsakes and SWAG.

Come visit Meteor Crater RV Park where you can really get out and explore!