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RV volunteers – feeding at the public trough?

The headline reads, “Campground Hosts: Volunteers spend summers on government’s dime” at the Camp Verde Bugle. Citing a long-time volunteer in the Prescott National Forest, the article implies that Dave Underwood is getting a smoking deal for free! The article says, “For volunteering to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone is comfortable,

Traffic speed cameras- yea or nay?

My first experience with a speed camera was in New Zealand while RVing with my granddaughter. Out in the middle of nowhere a sign warned that we were approaching one. Later in our trip, we read in the newspaper that a man was contesting his ticket – he claimed he had to speed to get

RV tip: How to start a conversation

It’s simple. Carry a butterfly net! We were hiking Pima Canyon in the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. We had gone on a weekday as reviews had advised. Trail head parking was minimal with no street parking allowed and the parking lot at 10 a.m. was close to full. We started up the trail- like