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Lunch on the Mesa

Most often when we camp, we cook simple meals either over an open fire or in the kitchen of our camper quite comfortably. However, there are times when we do not feel like cooking or simply want to treat ourselves to a meal someone else has prepared. When camping in northern New Mexico, especially in

As the Boudin Turns — a Tasty Louisiana Treat

Philadelphia might have the cheese-steak sandwich. New York may boast of its pizza, and Texas has BBQ—but Southwest Louisiana has boudin, and eating it guarantees a tingling palate and a full stomach. In many homes, boudin is more revered than crawfish, with recipes passed along for generations. Chances are, if you don’t live in or

Czeching Out La Grange

We headed to the Central Texas town of La Grande to “Czech” out what might just be the “Best Little Day Trip in Texas.” The events of La Grange’s famous Chicken Ranch inspired the stage play, movie, and the lyrics of a popular song, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Then there’s the ZZ Top song