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Finally, Sensible and Achievable Mileage Standards

By Bob Difley This was a big week for environmentalists,the auto companies, and foes of foreign oil addiction. The Obama administration announced new CAFÉ mileage standards for American built cars and light trucks. Beginning in 2016—four years earlier than the 2007 energy bill–passenger cars will have to attain 39 mpg (a 30% increase) and light

More Fuel Saving Technology and Upcoming Events

A lot of you will recall that I talked a few posts back about how different tires can affect fuel economy. Well, as it happens, a representative from Goodyear came into our shop last week to tell us about a line of tires and retreads with what they call “Fuel Max Technology”. They’re designed for

More Fuel Saving Ideas

Well, we just got back from the Escapee Rally in Gillette, WY., followed by the Life on Wheels Educational Conference at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. If you have never been to one of these conferences, you should make time in your schedule to go to one. They are so educational-you can take a