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Own a Generator? Protect it from Ethanol!

Most gasoline today contains ethanol additives. The ethanol is intended to reduce carbon emissions. Unfortunately, as with so many mandates from our benevolent overlords, there are a few unintended side effects. This product (http://goo.gl/x09tjn) can help save your engines from ethanol fuel that causes corrosion and clogged fuel lines while saving the world. Ethanol is especially

RVers, Choose Your Fuel

By Bob Difley How would you like to pull into a filling station and have a choice of different fuels, all of which you can use efficiently in your existing gasoline engine. That’s the ‘Holy Grail of Energy Security,’ says Don Hillebrand, director of Argonne National Laboratory’s* Center for Transportation Research. “An engine that can

Hey Ranger! Make your own motor fuel?

Rising gas prices have sparked revived interest in a variety of solutions, including ways to make your own fuel. Advances in technology may eventually allow this process to become a little more practical – and safer. This is not a new idea, and my local library has a book that claims to explain “how to