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How these wandering technology nomads could change your concepts of electricity

By Bob Difley   Things change, in fact they have changed a lot–especially in the technological products available for RVers–since I first started RVing more than 40 years ago. I struggled in my early days of RVing with keeping my batteries charged, the annoying drone of what at the time seemed to be the endless

My Dream RV

By Bob Difley I’m due for a new rig. A year ago that statement would have been, “I’m due for a new motorhome.” I admit I have never owned a towable, but have several friends that do and I have looked at the merits of both. Some of the reasons I like motorhomes are: Easier

Forget Oil! The Future is in Electricity

By Bob Difley A lot of experts and theoretical think tanks are looking at ways to quickly and drastically reduce our oil requirements, rather than pursuing ways to increase supply to meet demand with unpopular options like increased drilling in places like ANWR and the continental shelf. They are suggesting that we instead put our