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Do I Hear the Word "Rebound"?

By Bob Difley Subtle signs indicate that maybe this economic thunderstorm is starting to fizzle out–at least in the RV marketplace. Country Coach has reopened with Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and has sold a couple units (at about $600,000 each) and has deposits on a few more. Though they have only hired back about 20%

Just as with Dirty Diapers, Change is Coming

If change gets your adrenaline pumping, you are living through a great and historic period. The most pervasive and disruptive changes in history are happening all at once in major segments of the world’s operations: energy, the economy, climate, and politics. In energy, the end of fossil fuel and foreign oil dependence is clearly visible

Reducing Fuel Usage: Option or Necessity?

By Bob Difley “This year’s record-shredding spike in gasoline prices has finally ended,” says the San Francisco Chronicle in an article last Tuesday (July 29), “with prices falling by more than a penny per day.” Data from the US Energy Information Administration showed that American drivers used 3.2% less gasoline in the last four weeks