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Wildflower bloom of yellow and orange with three small thumbnails of flowers close up

Stop and See California’s ‘Super Blooms’ of Desert Wildflowers

California Super Blooms bring flower lovers to Golden State deserts. As travelers shed their winter layers, California deserts put on colorful coats of their own. Southern California’s “Super Blooms” in March attract legions of travelers from across North America to see flowers ranging from verbena to desert lilies carpeting the ground in places like Anza-Borrego

Desert wildflowers in peril

By Bob Difley As long time snowbirds know, Spring brings the most exuberant display of color to the monotone desert. Wildflowers wake up from their long hibernation, stretch their spindly stems, and unfold their vivid petals to flutter in a shameless and lurid sexual display. The colorful petals are designed to lure passing insects, birds, bees,