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Map your Driveway Invitations

You sure meet a lot of nice people on the road. At RV parks, and especially at the rallies, we meet people all the time who say, “If you’re ever traveling thru my neck o’ the woods, stop by. We have a big driveway and a 30amp hookup!” Our answer is, “Be careful when you

Niagara Falls and Photo Story 3

You can’t visit Niagara Falls without taking lots of pictures! It is just so magnificent. We were just there and did just that! So, how best to show all those photos? I choose Photo Story 3. It’s a free program from Microsoft and I’ve written about it in this previous article. After making the movie,

Internet on the Road, Bandwidth Limits

We’ve come a long way since dial-up. Just five years ago, if you wanted to get Internet while RVing, you had to schlep your laptop up to the office and plug into the one phone cable. It was very slow, and you needed to limit your time so other guests could use it. Now you