You can’t visit Niagara Falls without taking lots of pictures! It is just so magnificent. We were just there and did just that! So, how best to show all those photos? I choose Photo Story 3. It’s a free program from Microsoft and I’ve written about it in this previous article. After making the movie, I then uploaded it to Google Video so it can be shared with the world. You can do it too! This video took me less than 15 minutes.

Chris Guld

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  1. John, Thanks!

    Joan, thanks to you too. The music is created by Photo Story 3. It’s one of the most fun parts. I love the way it even makes an ending to each piece of music. Photo Story also lets you use regular music files on your computer.

  2. Great “movie”! I love the way the music fits and changes as the topic of the slide changes. Wondering where you found the music? Thanks for the intro to Photostory.

  3. John Christman

    Truly FABULOUS, but then pro’s like you have become over just a few short years only proves that with a dedication and desire (and about 20 years working with computers) one can achieve the marvelous with so little out of pocket expense. I admire you Chris for your talents and new and innovative ways to get the job done at virtually no COST! Keep up the good work. I remember a certain day back in the summer of 2004 when we first met!!!

    Gypsy John