Windows 7, St. Augustine, and Photo Story 3

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April 25, 2010

by Chris Guld,

I’ve had my Windows 7 computer for 6 months now and the only disappointment has been that one of my favorite programs, Photo Story 3, would not install on it.

Photo Story 3 Now works on Windows 7

I’m so excited to report that it has now been fixed!  I don’t know what or why, but IT WORKS.  Why am I so excited? 

No more Boring Slide Shows

Here is a simple slide show of our recent visit to St. Augustine, Florida:


So – that’s nice. I hope you like the pictures and the captions.  But, a movie is SOO much better.  Photo Story 3 makes it extremely easy to add narration and music.  The movie below was created using the same pictures but bringing them into Photo Story 3.  It took about 20 minutes to arrange them and add the narration and music. The end result is a .wmv file that I uploaded to youtube:



Photo Story 3 is Free and Easy

Photo Story 3 works like a wizard.  Just follow the steps in order and you end up with a professional looking movie. 

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:


For more tutorial videos on Photo Story 3 (some free, some require membership) see Geeks On Tour’s Photo Story 3 page.

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  10. The easiest way to put a Photo Story movie in your blog is to upload it to YouTube – then embed the Youtube video in your blog. Just like this ‘Visit to St. Augustine’

  11. Randy,
    Exactly! They still don’t *officially* support it on anything but XP, but it does now work just fine on Vista and Windows 7.

  12. Randy Lifshotz

    Chris – When I go to download Photo Story 3 – it says the system requirements are for XP operating system – but I gather that it’s OK to download it with Windows 7 – and it will work. Am I correct?
    You do a great job!

  13. I would like to add a Photo story 3 file to my blog.
    Is there any way to upload and play this file from blogspot?

  14. Frank – yes, 150 is a lot for Photo Story. You need to break it up into pieces. I think your viewers will like it better that way too!
    There is no absolute number of pictures – the limitation is in file size. Photo Story actually keeps a copy of the photos inside the .wp3 file – so it gets big fast. I don’t remember the number, but if you look in the Geeks on Tour members’ forum (I happen to know that you’re a member 🙂 in the Photo Story section I’m pretty sure I have that number.

  15. Frank Teale

    Is Photo Story somewhat limited on the number of pictures that can be used? I have about 150 photos from our winter excursion that I would like to use but fear it’s too many.

  16. larrycad

    Thanks again Chris for an interesting post. If you ever decide to adopt (perhaps an old man) I would love to come live with you guys for a while so I could learn more. 🙂