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Travel Blogs and Travel Maps

A travel blog without a map is like cake without icing!  It’s good, but not as good as it should be.  And, sometimes don’t you just want the icing?  A travel map can give your readers everything they want to know.  Then, if they want more, they can click on a marker and follow the

Using Live Writer for Blogging

by Chris Guld, www.GeeksonTour.com I’ve written about Live Writer a couple of times: Article 1, Article 2. It is a free program downloadable from Microsoft, and the exceptional feature is that it resides locally on your computer and it will upload your blog posts to several different blogging systems.  I now use it almost exclusively

Making Money with your Blog

Do you have a blog with lots of readers? If so, you may be able to make some money by hosting ads from Google Adsense. If you do this, you will have no control over the exact ads that get displayed on your blog. Google scans the content of your blog, and displays ads appropriate