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A Perfect Way to Explore the Region is to Try One Boudin after Another – Lafayette Travel

To best understand people and a place to look for the foods they eat on the run, those iconic handheld meals — quick, filling, portable and tasty. In Lafayette and the surrounding towns and parishes of Acadiana that fast food is boudin. Simply and affectionately referred to as “links,” boudin is a roughly half-pound, half-foot

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Plan your Culinary Escape in the Happiest City in America

Lafayette is at the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun & Creole Country, an area known as the Happiest City in America and it’s no mystery why. Their distinctive blend of food, music and culture has people from all over are heading down south with a smile on their face. Cultural History The region’s history dates back

Where Cajun Began

As one of the oldest surviving towns in Louisiana, St. Martinville retains many buildings and homes reflecting the beautiful architecture of days gone by. St. Martinville has become symbolic of the Acadian legacy, holding sacred the history and legends of the Acadian people who settled in Louisiana. Bayou Teche, a waterway in south central Louisiana,

It’s Crawfish Season, Come Twist Some Tails with Us

If you tour Cajun Country you’re bound to encounter crawfish. It’s as inevitable as BBQ in Texas, lobster in Maine, beans in Boston, or potatoes in Idaho. Crawfish, mudbugs, crawdads, or crayfish—call them what you will—are woven into Cajun culture. They raise them, catch them, eat them, and sing about them. They even adopt them