Sani-Con Sewage System: Powering Waste Disposal

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August 17, 2016

sani-con sewage system

sani-con sewage systemIs the Sani-Con Sewage System the solution?

When it comes to RV sewage waste tanks, the 3-inch “Stinky Slinky” comes to mind. Used on most RVs, the large hoses rely on gravitational force to empty the tanks.  While all motor homes come standard with this setup, an optional macerator type is available in addition on some makes and models.

The Sani-Con macerator offers many benefits when compared to the standard supplied package.

The Sani-Con Systems consists of a powerful 12-volt macerator pump with a 3-inch intake and a 1-inch discharge. The large end adapts to the standard tank outlet while the small discharge end is fitted to an expandable 8-foot  to 21-foot flexible hose.  This in turn has a universal sewage drain port adaptor at the far end. With this system, waste is macerated and pumped through the small 1-inch line.

Sani-Con Sewage System Specs

So, let’s look at the features and benefits of the Sani-Con compared to the tried and true gravity method.

  • The discharge is macerated so it can flow easily through a small diameter hose.
  • The macerator also provides a positive pump pressure with the ability to pump to an elevated discharge point.
  • The smaller expandable hose assembly stores in far less space.
  • Stronger hose wall, more resistant to puncture.
  • No screw-on sewage adaptor is needed as it is already mounted.
  • Hose handling takes far less time and is, by far, much less messy.

The main shortfall these have is the length of time required to pump the tanks empty. Typically 5 minutes or so per tank.  This issue has been addressed and answered with a new San-Con Turbo model.  This unit employs a 1-1/2” diameter hose and can evacuate a 40 gallon holding tank in about 50 seconds.

So, if you are looking for upgrading projects for your RV, you might want to check this product out. The Sani-Con waste handling system can turn a chore into a simple task.

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