RVs Start Stirring in March

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March 19, 2016

Diesel Pusher Class A motorhome and fifth wheel trailer at RV Park at Rolling Hills Casino, Corning, California. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

IMG_4023March is the month that many RV’s start to stir. There are those that await the spring to open another RV season, keeping their vehicles in winter storage until it’s time to hit the road. At the same time, snowbirds that had flocked to the warm climates of the south start planning their departure to head north as another year of palm trees and beaches slowly draws to a close.

The winter-trapped RV’s will get cleaned up and de-winterized as temperatures permit. The excitement of the RV season’s arrival is met by the enthusiastic RV owner wanting to rush the coming spring. The new season is about to emerge.

For those that earned the “Snowbird” designation, March brings a feeling of sadness to some, as it seems the sun is setting on still another season.The trip back north to their summer regions will be on busy roads as other like winter dwellers make their way home. Unloading a season’s memories from the full basement lockers and many storage compartments will be tackled upon arrival home. This is in lieu of the de-winterization chores of those that braved the winter in the north.

So, no matter which group you belong to, a certain element of excitement seems to accompany the month of March. While in many areas the freezing night temperatures may carry well into the month of April, the March madness still stirs the avid RV’er.

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