RV water park excursions — slip and slide during your spring RV trips.

Spring break is not far off, and that means traveling with extended family. During this season, our grandchildren regularly show us that there is little question that most kids love RV camping. So what do kids really like when it comes to these fun-filled holidays on the road?

Scenic viewing as they travel the countryside? Well, not so, for many. They prefer to watch a video or play video games with the occasional, “Are we there yet?” quip. Touring a local tourist attraction? Kids seem to enjoy some of what this has to offer but often bore in a short time. What about amusement parks? Okay, now they think this travel thing is the way to go!

But, in time, the enthusiasm fades somewhat as more time is spent lined up than actually partaking in it.

rv water park

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Fun With H2O

So what is the ultimate tourist activity for many children? Water parks! A water  attraction, in the right climate conditions, is perhaps the number one kid’s Utopia. These aquatic facilities boast of colossal slides and tubes that reach up with octopus-like structures that provide exciting descents to the pools below. Here they won’t tire and bore. You will more than likely have to drag them out.

Unfortunately for the kids, you can’t spend your entire vacation there. But they will fill that void quite quickly back in camp. There are tons of RV parks that have great aquatic amenities like pools, slides, water showers, misters and more.

Splashing Around

To illustrate the draw these RV park pools have, I will tell you a true happening during a visit to Orlando. We had our grandson and granddaughter with us and spent a few days enjoying some of the many rides and attractions. On the second day, at about 1:30 PM, our grandchildren asked if we could go back to the campground so they could swim at the RV park’s pool, which they had done the two nights prior. It had a large slide that provided a high-speed trip down and into the pool which the boy loved, as well as a water playground feature for our younger granddaughter. We reluctantly accommodated their wishes and were soon poolside. The fun they enjoyed in that pool somehow exceeded that of Disney World, well at least for that day anyway.

So, for me, it was a lesson learned. It seems if you want guaranteed fun for many a kid, just add water! You don’t have to spend big money to treat your kids, just choose great campgrounds.

Remember, your campground choice can provide a wealth of quality enjoyment for your children. Pick wisely!

Peter Mercer – Kids Plus Water = FUN!

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