RV Cooking Show – Three Crepes and a Castle…a love story

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February 12, 2010

Hello RV Cooking Show “lovers”,

When you were a kid did you dream of being a famous movie star or sports figure, invited to exclusive parties to mingle amongst the elite? Visit the Hearst Castle estate and, with some imagination, you might get a taste of what it was like to be part of that crowd. There are several tours available including their newest – a self-guided Gardens and Vistas tour – complete with guides standing by to answer your questions about Hearst and “The Enchanted Hill”. Interestingly, rather than a rote tour talk, each guide is permitted to develop their own spiel focusing on their interest in the Castle and it’s art, people, grounds, history, and more. Well, at least for now, allow me to be your personal Hearst Castle tour guide in this episode of the RV Cooking Show – Three Crepes and a Castle…a love story. Do I love the Castle or the crepes?? You can probably guess…yeah, both :>

Using ingredients that you most likely already have at home, you, too, can make amazing crepes. It’s not difficult at all…just technique. Serve these to your Valentine’s Day sweetie (or enjoy each other’s company making them together in your RV kitchen) or wow your dinner/dessert guests. So let it snow…we’re warm and well fed inside.


[vimeo 9393072]


“Luv” to you on this long, romantic weekend…please be mine,


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  5. Good show, just not enough of them, keep up the fun stuff, I really love it.

  6. Larry


    You and your husband always turn out a great program. I enjoy the narrative you give of the locations you visit as well as the demonstrations you use to make cooking fun and interesting. Your husband’s video work has some nice variety and I admire his technique of highlighting important points in your demonstrations. Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Tom

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