RV Cooking Show – Oh My Gosh! Grilled Steak in Bend, OR

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July 10, 2008

I’ve loved Bend, Oregon and the central Oregon area for years…even before it was trendy! There’s something about the Juniper scent in the air (which for many years I thought of as pinion pine) and the diversity of things to do from poking around museums to exploring obsidian lava flows to simply being near or even on the Deschutes River. Central Oregon seems to be everything to everyone whether you enjoy an active outdoor RV getaway or prefer to just relax and take in the scenery. Join me as I take you to some of my favorite central Oregon spots and then I have a delightful surprise for you.

You know and I know that nothing says summer like steaks on the grill and that’s exactly what this RV Cooking Show’s episode delivers with the help of my good friend – our guest chef – Chef Doug Miner of Cross Wind Catering. Chef Miner shows us how to add an easy and elegant finish to grilled steak and shares a useful tip on testing for doneness. I think you’re going to like this show!

Visit the RV Cooking Show website (and find more info and links to the beautiful central Oregon area there, too). Print the recipe here and give it a go yourself. I love to hear from you so feel free to drop me a line.

Here’s to a summer full of happy RV travels,


PS – Vegetarian viewer Angie loves the show but doesn’t do steak. If that’s you, too, consider substituting meaty portabella mushrooms for the steak. It’ll be just as delicious!!

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  1. I cannot believe it! 20 years of loving Central Oregon – and even owning a small place in Redmond for a short time – and I’ve always thought the sensational smell was pinion pine. In fact JP, I was so sure that I called the Deschutes Forest Service and guess what…all this time I’ve been delighting in the scent of – you guessed it – juniper!

    And, no, talapus pete, no plans on moonshine gin…yet!!! :> But one never knows…

    Thanks for the comments…pinion pine/juniper…I still hope you enjoyed this episode of the RV Cooking Show!!


  2. I like it here, too. But where are the pinon pines? We got lodgpole pine (aka jackpine), ponderosa pine (aka yellow bellies), and juniper (aka—well, this is a family blog…), but I’m darned if I can find any pinon! Juniper smells pretty good, though, when it’s burning. And if you ever want to make any moonshine gin, hey, take all the berries you want….

  3. JP

    Having lived in Oregon my entire life, I found your comment about the “pinion pine scent in the air” around the Bend area rather interesting. I’ve seen a lot of Ponderosa, White Pine, and Lodgepole Pine, but I don’t recall ever seeing Pinion Pine. I thought maybe I’ve been missing something all these years, so I checked with Oregon State University. Pinion Pine in Oregon is news to them, too.