RV Cooking Show – Chiles & Huevos Rancheros

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March 20, 2008

Today I’ll share with you a tour I took last summer of Albuquerque’s 505 Chile Factory so you can learn all about the various types of chile peppers. I’ll then show you how to prepare one of my favorite dishes — huevos rancheros.

Just click on the play button below to watch as I prepare this satisfying dish, and to learn about the 505 Chile Factory.

Visit my site at www.RVCookingShow.com for the printer-friendly recipe.

Happy Camping,
Evanne Schmarder

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  3. Hi Ladies,

    I had huevos rancheros for dinner the other night and was again reminded of how very good (and easy!!) they are. Microwaving the tortillas makes them just supple enough to pull apart and enjoy. BTW – I try to purchase brands that do not use lard and I’m sorry to say that I just can’t warm up to the whole wheat tortillas.

    Thanks for the comments – try ’em…you’ll like ’em!!


  4. Carmin

    Looks and it must taste delicious. I like the fact that you microwave the tortilla. I use to fry the tortilla, I think your way is a much healthier faster way. Thanks!

  5. I have viewed a few of your cooking video’s and enjoy them very much. Will try this one at home as well as in the RV. Thank-you