"RV 2009" – Highest Rated HGTV Show ALL YEAR!

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March 15, 2009

Want to hear some GOOD NEWS about the RV industry for a change?

My wife and I recently appeared on HGTV‘s annual RV show. This special series offers an overview of the RV industry. The hour long TV show places a wide selection of RVs on display. From pop-up campers, to Class B motor homes, to fifth wheels, to Class A rigs… if you want to see RVs, this show is a treat.

While “RV 2009” is a fun show for experienced RV’ers to watch, it’s especially useful for newcomers.

And this is where things get interesting. In the current depressed economy, RV sales have been flagging. There can’t be much interest in an RV show, right? Aren’t RVs yesterday’s news? That’s what the naysayers would have you believe.

Hardly… RV 2009 was a smash hit. In fact, we’ve been told that RV 2009 was the highest rated show on HGTV so far this year!

Still think the American public isn’t interested in RVs?

The high ratings seem to indicate that the American public is fascinated by RVs — perhaps now more than ever. In times of economic duress, RV travel may become more appealing.

RV 2009 will air for a second time on Friday, April 3. If you missed the initial airing, be sure to tune in to HGTV at that time. It’s a fun and easy way to support the RV industry and RV programming.

Special thanks to all of our friends here at RV.net who watched the show!


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  1. shorty and barb young

    Oops, maybe my mistake. I think now you were talking about April 3,2010, but since I first received this email on March 22, 2011 I thought you were talking about the current year.


  2. shorty and barb young

    Whats this????? April 3 is not on a Friday on my calendar. We missed the show the fist time but would like to watch it .

  3. Gary Howard

    Being from Canada I am also disappointed at not seeing the HDTV show on April 3rd or on the earlier date indicated in your blog.
    I am hoping this oversight will be rectified soon or perhaps be shown online.

  4. Barry

    iam not sure why ??? We do get HGTV here in Canada but the 2009 Rv show did not air as scheduled last time and I dont see it in the TV times for this time either . I do love your videos !!! well done

  5. Thanks to all for your comments.

    GMAs, I agree with you that the show was a little heavy on frosting and light on cake. And thank you for your comments about my video work.

    I understand the criticism of RV 2009, but given the current state of the industry (and the complete absence of ANY RV programming on TV) I give ’em a pass. Hey, at least the show served as a showcase for the RV industry (albeit some of the more extreme/upscale offerings). Maybe it will entice some people out to the dealerships.

    Given the current economic climate, I find encouragement that the show’s ratings were so high. HGTV has a lot of popular programs, so being the best rated show of the YEAR is no small feat. Perhaps this will inspire the TV networks to produce more RV shows.
    Would I like to host my own TV show? You bet! It would be a natural progression from what we’ve been doing. We could produce a cool travel show that highlights the RV experience in a creative way. We would sell the adventure…and that in turn would sell RVing.

    Jerry, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to attend the Rally this year because we’re going to be traveling our way up the Eastern seaboard. I wish we could be in Albuquerque too, because I know it will be a great time.

    Alpenliter, thanks for tuning in to watch the show!

    Thanks also, David! Who knows, maybe someday we’ll figure out a way to migrate our “Long Long Honeymoon” over to TV land…

  6. I’m really glad it went well. You’d make a great host Sean!

  7. Well of course it was the highest rated show ever Sean, you promoted it on RV.net and asked us all to watch and we did! Kind of embarrassing to watch, because I knew you have forgotten more about RVs than the host ever knew!

  8. HI Sean,

    I saw the show. It was designed to give a quick overview of the RV world and industry. It also gave folks that don’t RV a chance to see what RVing is all about. Come on you “tech” guys – it was not 60 Minutes.
    Hey Sean – will you be at The Rally next month?

  9. gmas

    Indeed you need a good agent… your going to need someone to do all the bookings.. grin


  10. gmas

    Sean.. I have to agree… while the gal has grace and pose… I think .. as I have said she knew the script real well…

    And as others now chime in… I think you ARE a much better host.. sorry but its not just a guy thing… from the clips I have viewed… indeed you seem to have better command… and contact with the masses… It was all frosting and no cake so to speak. How many viewers suddenly , when they went to the next local show.. .. agassed at the price to be in one of those MH. That is not promoting the RV industry… its abusing the viewers. and turning off the commons…. Not fair when you only show a select group of RV’s. (ya and your going to take that camping.. for sure… its a park .. park thing. I for one would have liked to see the new AS… and was very disapointed .. that you were not going to go for the gold at some point in the viedo…and the tables turn… to where you could ask the host… what she thought…of the new airstreams… (your a AS person… remember) hmmm.. It never happened… and I was disapointed when it ended… I said outloud… is that all their is!!!! Pooooo… what happened to cabovers… pop up van campers…4 wheel camper.. etc… I wana see airstream and the more common folk RV’s . Man the others around went ops he’s miffed… (They quick went and got att least 3 beers to get me to calm back down… hmmm) I demanded to know who set that thing up… and had to retire to MY AS for comfort… (now you know I am miffed when I slam the door on the AS… after 3 more beers… I was getting more livable)

    Waving some 600,000 dollar motorhome at best was just a oh! Ah! bird passing in flight good thing it was raining…. At this time in the economic issues… is that only flaunting what the rich could only have?? while leaving the other manufactures out??? . (If I were AS I would be contacting you as you read this… and demanding that you come back and do a whole show on their products… competitive!!!… I hope they do feel insulted. )

    True… I think that if you hosted the same show… their would be more humor and commonality …Shame on you… in a big motorhome… 5th wheel you were a fish out of water…sort of thing… You would probably be more comfortable in a AS…Used for camping… who takes the washer and drying …. for sure… and that is probably why a lot of those company’s are now belly up… turtles.. no one could afford them. Champain tast but Beer budget . Not reality for todays potential RV’r I feel from the ones I meet all the time on the road. .

    I really felt sorry for you… after seeing the trailers. (videos) and would not waist my time on them again… had I known… You on the other hand have done some Outstanding work…and have come a long way… You give the viewer the adventure side…with good relations to the public who have a interest…. as we said you have the eye now…. these ain’t your home movies any more..
    …..and I think others will agree.. your videos are special… little corn’ie at times but interesting and informative most of the time… well ok…. all of the time…

    Now…what I and others should do is write and demand AS … along with the other manufactures… demand you to point your rig towards them… AirStream should promote a show … with sponsors.. and invite you all to host it …in a video…interviewing others ….. (you think HG was big… set this up and I am sure others would agree too … you would tower above their ratings…) now that you have seen how its done… you could quite possibly be the biggest hit to come along in a long time with the AS group too.

    Next then… you would have to get out your Wally hat (krisite would have to make up a Wally-et one)… as you would be in demand … for sure sign ‘ya up to appear at shows, meetings and caravans… you would be the next sensation and leader of the pack… see what happens when your a hit…

    They love ya…go for it… as you show them the adventure they want… and need right now…

    Next stop a star n the walk of fame… hollyweard… grin.. well maybe not quite yet …
    Congrats again.. the industry is waiting for you… Airstream is missing out on your abilities to bring forth a new adventure.. with the younger set as well as the old.


  11. Eric, I know what you are saying, and it’s certainly fair to criticize the substance of the show’s content from a technical standpoint.

    HOWEVER, we also must realize that this show is an annual “one-off” production that’s geared toward NEWCOMERS to RVing. It’s designed to be an entertaining general overview of different RV buying options, and not as a substantive technical resource for experienced RV owners. In other words, there’s a difference between a brochure and an owner’s manual…

    As experienced RVers, I think we all just take this one-hour show at face value, in the spirit intended. It’s RV entertainment, and it’s also promoting the RV industry. Why complain? Ultimately it will be judged by Neilson ratings, not our forum posts… 🙂

  12. emmmw

    Sorry, but I thought the show was seriously lacking. The facts about costs, sizes and amenities were as if nobody in the show had a clue at all about the industry. Go back and take a look at what the size of a Class C was noted as (35 to 50 feet?) and the prices (whether MSRP or purchase price) were way off. Sorry, but I had to turn it off before the show even ended. Go online to RV.net and find the thread about the show… this will give you some idea of how RVers perceived it.

  13. Williewood, I agree — it’s nice to see some RV content on TV. Considering the popularity of RV travel, it’s really surprising there isn’t more on offer!

  14. Jim, I’d love to do the hosting if they would give me the chance. Better yet, I’d like us to do our own RV show. I think we would have a great time, and there’s clearly a market for it. 😀

    Dick, sorry about that script error! Wish I knew what caused those.

    John, LOL – I’m glad we were enjoyable!

    John Amend, after the ratings success of this year, it’s a safe bet that HGTV will air an RV special next year. I’m sure they are pleased by the recent results.

  15. williewood

    It is really great that at least ONE channel is still doing something with the RV people. It is too bad that our “outdoor” channels deemed it necessary to cancel anything to do with RVs. Thanks HGTV!!!


  17. John

    the show was great, and you and your wife were enjoyed also!……….did that come out right? LOL

  18. Jim

    Hey Sean, next time maybe you should do the commentating. When that lady was talking about C class and B class I kinda thought she needed some training. I’ve always known them as Class C and Class B’s and so on…..oh well, good show anyway!