Replacing an RV Sofa With Reclining Chairs

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December 11, 2016

reclining chairs

reclining chairsReclining chairs add comfort and appeal to RV interiors.

RV renovating can be a way to bring new life to an aging rig. One popular item is to replace a sofa with reclining chairs. These can both look good and provide a relaxing setting for watching TV or just lounging around.

There are some things you need to know before tackling this conversion. First, is there going to be ample room to put the chair(s) where the sofa sits?  Additionally, some finishing to the floors and walls will probably be required where the sofa was.  Generally, this only requires some carpet and wall covering to match the décor.  If it is for two recliners, be sure you have suitable space between them and on the outsides.  The chair width is critical.  The narrowest you will find to purchase will be about 27”, (not including the recline activation lever) not the more common 30” plus.  This spacing must be substantial or the chairs may look crammed in. You will need the “Wall Hugger” design to allow them to recline while only having 3” or so clearance between the chair back and the wall.

Reclining Chairs Rule

Unlike most of your RV furniture, the reclining chairs do not need to be fastened down. Instead they will be free with the ability to be moved as desired. However, they are for use only when the vehicle is stopped, as no seat belts will be present.

reclining chairsIn selecting the chairs, you will want to pick a color and material that goes with the rest of the interior. Now, back to the width size. The recline handle adds several inches to the overall width of the chair assembly.  This can be eliminated by ordering the optional power recline feature.  While it will probably add $200 to $400 to each chair’s price, this feature does have other benefits. A manually levered reclining chair can be positioned in a limited amount of angle positions; fully reclined, vertical and perhaps a balance point between. This is due to an “over center” momentum that is the nature of the beast.  This inability to be able to assume a given position can be somewhat challenging in the confines of an RV. This is where the power feature shines.

The Power of Reclining

The power recline option has no side handle, only low-profile push buttons. This keeps the 27-inch model chair just that, not an additional two or so inches wider. The electrical mechanism also allows the chair’s recline to be powered to virtually any position.  This assures the user the ability to set the most comfortable position and work within the more confined area of most RV’s floor plans. Keep in mind, this will require a 120 volt AC electric plug be available behind the chair(s).

Replacing a sofa with reclining chairs can be a costly project. However, it can be a very worthwhile addition that will last for years. Consult Camping World for a full selection of recliners.

Peter Mercer – With an RV Reno Project

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