NEW Benefit! Members Save at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers!

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January 3, 2012

Pilot Flying J

Good Sam Club members now enjoy a great new money-saving benefit with Pilot Flying J! This exciting new benefit provides savings on fuel, propane and dump station charges! You’ll simply apply online for your Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card in order to receive this benefit. With 500 locations across the U.S., Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers offer a wide array of conveniences and services tailored for RV travelers, including dedicated RV fuel lanes, travel stores, restaurants, dump stations, propane refills and more!

In addition to saving on fuel, you’ll also enjoy $0.10 off each gallon of bulk propane purchased, 50% off regular dump station charges and at least $0.03 savings per gallon on gas and $0.05 per gallon on diesel.   If you would like to see how much you can save on fuel at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, sign in and visit the Member Benefits section of our website.

Go to for a list of locations and to apply for the RV Plus Card today! As a charge card, the new Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card. This card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Therefore, you will be able to receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. You’ll only receive the fuel savings when using the RV Plus Card as cash payments are not eligible for the discount.

Also, note that as part of the application process through Pilot Flying J, you’ll be required to enter your Social Security Number as a requirement from Pilot Flying J. This is not a Good Sam Club requirement and Good Sam Club will not have visibility to any confidential information provided to Pilot Flying J. If you’re uncomfortable providing your Social Security Number online, you can also contact Pilot Flying J at 1-855-4RV-PLUS (1-855-478-7587) to apply via phone.

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  1. john nielsen

    The discount at flying J is not worth it. I get .04 cent a gal off my american express card and Fred Meyers in Ore we get can $o.10 off plus using there card at there station an additional $0.05. Az Fry’s store you can get up to $1.00 of at the pump by shopping at there store.

  2. Oscar M. Clark

    My experience obtaining the Good Sam, Flying J, Pilot RV discount card:

    Coming home from a trip yesterday, we stopped for fuel at a Flying J/ Pilot, I told the wife about the Good Sam and FJ/Pilot discount card, she said I’m going in to apply, just as I was through filling with fuel, she came out with the cards and said we could use them now, it was too late, I had already paid, but you can bet I will save next time. I don’t know if all FJ/ P’s are this efficient, this was at FM 242 and Hwy 59, just South of Splendora, TX.

    My experience with the Good Sam Roadside Assistance:

    About three weeks ago, on a Sunday while stopped at a Walmart in Mountain View, Arkansas, the starter went out on my truck, I called the Roadside Assistance and got a very pleasant young lady, she was very professional and the first question was “are you parked safely?” after she got a fix on my location, she said the nearest agent was 39 miles away, so I could be towed anywhere within 39 miles at no charge. I told her about the Mountain View Chevrolet dealer about four miles away that a passer by had mentioned, with that info she had a tow vehicle there within 15 minutes.
    The Mountain View Chevrolet dealer had the truck ready to go the next morning by 10:00 AM and a very reasonable charge.
    We have been RV’ing for about 3 months and are very Thankful for the GOOD SAM CLUB and it’s benefits.
    Thanks GSC

    Good Sam says: Your Welcome! We are glad we could be there to help.

  3. Steve

    As a new member, I was on your web site trying to figure out how to sign up for the Flying J/Pilot fuel discount and after reading some of the comments posted, I may pass, and am wondering if the road side assistance was worth the money. If Good Sam service is anything like my local Camping World service, it is probably worthless.

  4. Carole Hough

    We were told we would receive the new Good Sam/Camping World card when we renewed in December of 2011, In June 2012 we contacted Good Sam asking what happened to the card. Now it is September and we still have not received it. I have an email stating that we are members, but that doesn’t really help if you are on the road. We do receive all kinds of offers to spend our money with Good Sam but no membership card. I also had tried to sign up for the Pilot/Flying J fuel card but found the site unblievable; just to let you know, I have been using computers since 1962 and use mine every day and am quite proficient. If I have a problem navigating the site I can’t imagine the trouble a novice might have. I am going to try again as my husband insists on using them for the ease of access.
    We pull a 37′ 5th wheel with our duramax and find them convenient. I have taken a breather, maybe this time it will be easier.

    Good Sam Says: Hello Carole thank you for letting us kow your having trouble getting a new membership card. I will be contacting you through e-mail to get your membership information so I can make sure we get a set of Cards sent to you. Also to apply for the RV Plus card, you can contact Pilot/Flying J directly at 1-855-4RVPlus (855 478 7587) or apply online at

    Good Sam’s Follow Up: Carole, I have reissued you new cards, and forwarded you issue to Pilot Flying J to see if they can help you with the problems your having with them.

  5. Todd Goodwill

    I receieved my renewal notice for Platinum roadside servfice a few days ago. I will not be renewing. Why? In October my wife and I had to make an unexpected trip to Atlanta to attend the funeral of a close fried. Starting out late from our home in Florida, we were passing through Macon, Georgia about 1:00AM when I lost a wheel, hub, etc. on the enclosed utitlity trailer I was pulling with my Leisure Travel Van Class B motorhome. This occured just over the crest of an overpass in a construction zone. /I was able to find a small space between two cones to just barely get off the interstate. I could not go any further off the road because there was no shoulder, just soft dirt. The trailer was on the ground on the left side and the corner of the trailer was actually on the outside white line. It was a very dangerous situation for my wife and I. By the way, I normally hauled my ATV in the trailer but at this particular time it was basically empty, except for a bookcase I was taking to Mississippi for an estate sale of my recently deceased mother-in-law’s property.
    Since I had recently purchased the Platinum road side service in September primarily based on the fact that it was advertised that it would cover any vehicle OR trailer being pulled by an RV, I immediately called the 800 number to get some “roadside assistance”. I was greeted by a young woman who either did not care or was incapable of grasping the severity of the situation, who after a lengthy delay and supposedly checking with her supervisor, informed me that I was not elgible for roadside service to tow the trailer because my ATV was not in it at the time. However, they would be glad to sell me a plan for $89 or $99.00 (the name escapes me) and they would contact someone to come out and assist me. I went ahead and told her to go ahead and after getting my credit card number, of course, said she would call me back in a few minutes and let me know that someone was coming.
    At least 45 minutes had elapsed from the time I lost the wheel by this time. Cars and trucks were speeding by in the one open lane, rocking our motorhome every time they passed. I was sure that we were ultimately going to get hit if something wasn’t done.
    I called the Macon police and informed them of my predicament and they sent an officer that provided some security with his emergency lights.
    After at least another 15 minutes this young lady called me and informed me that they could not find anyone that had the equipment to tow my trailer. I informed her that this was BS. All that was needed was a rollback. The trailer was 6×12. I suspect that she could not find anybody to respond because of the little amount that the plan was willing to pay. By this point I
    I had it with her and the wonderful Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plan.
    I asked the police officer if he knew anyone that could tow the trailer and he called one of the largest tow operators in downtown Macon and the young man from that company arrived in less than 10 minutes. I assisted him in loading my trailer on his roll-back and 10 minutes later he was gone. to his yard with my trailer. I tried to pay him at the scene, but he said that I could pay for the tow when I picked up the trailer. I asked him what the charge was and he informed me $85.00. Extremely fair for a removing my trailer from the side of the road at 2:00 AM.
    I had the tow company make the repairs to my trailer and, after the funeral, continued on to Mississippi.
    The Plan documents that I reviewed when I got home indicated that, by splitting hairs and reading the fine print, the Plan probably could legally avoid having to pay for the tow of my trailer even though the advertisements for the service indicated that it would be covered. However, there is little excuse for an employee of the Plan being oblivious to the concern and danger that was present and allowing my wife and I to continue in that danger for over an hour with a net result on her part of zero. Then to come up with some baloney story that no one had the equipment to remove my trailer from the roadway is ridiculous.
    What good is a Roadside Assistance plan if it does not provide roadside assistance when you need it?

  6. kathy weaver

    want to get RVPlus card but can’t seem to find

    Good Sam says: To apply for the RV Plus card, you can contact Pilot/Flying J directly at 1-855-4RVPlus (855 478 7587) or apply online at

  7. James and, Joan Gibson

    We joined Good Sam at Camping World in Burlington, Wash. and paid but we never recieved our cards.we believe it’s been about 2 or 3 months ago.

    Good Sam says: I have contacted you by email for further assistance.

  8. Steve Mize

    After reading about people thinking AAA-RV plus was such a deal I looked it up. It is not unlimited towing. I’m sticking with GS Roadside Assistance. I will pass on the Pilot credit card. Keep up the good work.

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  10. Jim Belanger

    I have been a GS member since the 70s and more recently a Life Member. GS ERS and it’s expanded benefits are a great deal. Got stranded in Canada on the trans-Canada highway with a blown transmission. After speaking with a ERS person who was obviously Hispanic and struggled with English, that person called a French Canadian tow company who struggled with Hispanic-English, they sent the tow truck 60 miles in the wrong direction. Finally, the tow found us and towed us 60 miles where the garage allowed us to stay for over a week with water and electric. After all was said and done, I don’t know what we would have done without ERS and we are grateful for the service. Kinda funny today, but not back then!

  11. Terry

    I have a Class A with tow and so usually stop at a truck stop and use truck pumps for the in/out ease. I got a P/FJ card and I no longer have to go inside to pay and get a discount even off of the cash price. So far I really like it.
    I also have GS Emergency Road Service. Last year I blew a steer tire away from any sizable town on a Sunday afternoon. We were stranded on the shoulder of the highway. Called ERS and they had to send a road truck from 70 miles away. I paid for the new tire and mounting but nothing else. We were on our way again 3 hours after the initial stop. I thought that was pretty good service considering the distance the road truck had to travel. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find a road service truck with the proper tire on my own.
    I am happy with both services.

  12. Hank

    I am told that the only way I can pay is by using a routing number from my bank,which will cost me $30.00 each time. I can’t save this way!! Do we in Canada have any other options?

    Good Sam says: We will certainly check into that for you and let you know what we find out.

    Good Sam Says: per Pilot Flying J…You can also pay by writing a check and mailing it to our Canadian box:

    RV Plus Card
    PTC Canada Marketing ULC
    PO Box 9759, Station A
    Toronto, ON M5W-1R6

  13. mail2us

    We have the Pilot/FJ RV Plus card and actively use it. Does GoodSams have any input or idea when Pilot/FJ system will accept the card at the pump with input of the pin number assigned originally? Currently when I drive to the Truck bays (usually in back of store) I must go inside the store, present my RV Plus Card with my pin number then go to the pump to fuel. Please advise any input you may have on this minor inconvience. Thanks.

    Good Sam says: Great news! Pilot Flying J already has this functionality of paying at the pumps set up. Note, You may be required to input your control number initially sent when you signed up for the RV Plus Card, but then should be able to pay for your gas simply with your card and a pin number. There may be a few Pilot Flying J which do not offer this, but these are few and far between.

  14. Roger Wentz

    Trying to get my control Number or what it takes to use my RVPLUS card. I tried to sign in with user and pass word I was given. Can not even get the sign in to open. I know I was sent all the information by E-Mail but it is missing. I need help so that I can use my card.
    Roger Wentz Congress AZ

    Good Sam says: Roger, you’re correct in that this information was emailed to you. However, we understand that you may have deleted it prior to utilizing the fuel discount. Since these accounts contain private information, Good Sam has no visibility in an effort to protect your privacy. However, the great folks over at Pilot Flying J are great to look up this type up information and can be contacted by calling 855-478-7587.

  15. Thank you for that wonderful recommendation. We certainly appreciate it and value wonderful member feedback! Thanks for being an encouraging Good Sam member!

  16. tito grandonico

    tried to activate new card what a hassel had to call. waiting on email serious if i want to use this very complex way to activate a card very dissapointed

    Good Sam says: We’re sorry that you felt that this was such a hassle. This certainly was not our intention. These processes are only set up to entire that our members and their funds are protected since this is a charge card with very private data. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  17. Passin Thru

    To Jim Haire Pilot Flying J has a site on the computer listing all fuel sites and prices. Just type Flying J in search.

  18. Passin Thru

    I studied the Pilot card app and rules. It’s not worth it when we have an unlimited United card from Chase so we get flying miles. Pilot will only give you $1500.00 Credit?? Whats that all about. I feel like they don’t want me. Then it is just like AMEX and charges are unbelievable. When I’m going to AK and back to VA I don’t want to worry whether or not I have paid my $1500 fuel bill or I’m cut off. My truck used around $4000.00 in fuel $4285.52 to be exact over the course of 6 weeks towing a trailer. I won’t give any credit card company access to my bank accouts either. Thumbs down! Besides Sheetz in Winchester VA is always 3-5 cents cheaper/gallon than Pilot and they have rewards cards so if I use the United card. I Love Good Sam and wht they do and appreciate you trying. Thanks

    Good Sam says: We hear you and understand that the Pilot Flying J benefit will not be for everyone. We wish to make as many benefits available for those members who would like to utilize them. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work to improve each and everyone of our benefits. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  19. N.Harris

    You can’t please everyone, all the time…but those of us that are happy w/ Good Sam & Pilot/Flying J need to step up & let others know. There must be a huge majority of “happy campers”, or this would have folded long ago. The combining of G.S. & Camping World is an RV’ers dream…THANK YOU.
    As a “lifer”,I have have the occasion to purchase & use most of the benefits, that Good SAM has offered over the years. On “rare” occasions there has been bumps, but were resolved…some sooner than others to my satisfaction. The Roadside assistance, PFJ card, & G.S. Parks benefits, made our last trip much less stressful & more enjoyable, than it could have been. We have used the road assistance card before, & have nothing but good to say about the speed of help, the tow truck drivers professionalism & help,& the check-back to see if all was resolved OK. Keep up the good work…MANY of us applause you. N. & A. Harris

  20. Everyone here seems to only have complaints. I have been a life member for 25 years and a regular member several years before that. I have used the roadside assistance plan several times and have never received anything but the best service and caring customer service people. There are always some problems that won’t be settled to everyones satisfaction, but considering how many members there are in the GS club, they do a pretty good job.

  21. A.J. Della Monica

    sent in for my pilot and flying J card ove 2 months ago and they said I should have it in 3 weeks. Thank god I’m not holding my breath.
    AAA-RV plus is the best deal why would anyone want to pay you any money when they have unlimited miliage for a tow and excellant service.
    Your road service plan is antiquated and needs a major over haul just to keep up with the competition and your coverage is far from good!

    Good Sam says: A.J. – we are working to improve our services each and everyday so if you have any suggestions of how this can be done, we certainly welcome them. Also, we’re surprised to learn that you haven’t received your Pilot Flying J card yet. We would like to dig into this further. Please email [email protected] along with your member information and any suggestions on way to improve. Thanks for your patience!

  22. Garry Nielsen

    I have been trying to find info on Pilot discount card. I ended up in the comments section. Wow, I can see I made a mistake in ever joining GS. It seems that all you are interested in is getting more and more membership money. As for customer ( yes customer, not member ) service, you don’t seem to give anything but lip service. All of these comments remind me of a company that is nothing more than a ” Chinese Cluster Activity”. I will not be renewing my ” Membership ???? “.

    Good Sam says: Gary, we’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. We’re far from perfect but we’re continually striving to improve each and every day. We hope in the future we will win you over again. Thanks for your patience during this transitional period.

  23. I was trying to find the application for the Pilot Flying J card and was referred to the above site I may be overlooking something but I only see a location to join Good Sam or Renew membership and since we are Lifetime members we don’t need those options. Is the card still available, based on what I read on the questions and answers it doesn’t look good for Good Sam. Please let me know.

    Good Sam says: To apply for the Pilot Flying J card, visit

  24. Need listings of locations for Pilot Flying J Travel stops in California and Nevada.

    Good Sam says: Listings for all Pilot Flying J locations that accept the member discount can be found here:

  25. We have the Pilot Flying J charge card and using it quite often. What we need to know are the locations
    they have. I look in the phone book and all they show is their store in Fernley NV. We travel in California & Nevada with a Good Sam Club so would likee to know where we can find them.
    Thank you
    Jim Haire

  26. Martin Frahme - GS#454825

    Just discovered these posts on our GS web site as I was about to follow up, to chase my Pilot/Fly J card.
    I applied in Jan. 2012, and have not ever heard from them. Mid Feb. I phoned them, and a robot said card will be out in March. Now, it is mid May, and zilch. These posts/complaints assure me that YOU CAN KEEP THE CARD. Do Not Send Any To Me!

    The posts regarding GS Roadside Service confirm what I have heard about that “benefit” for all the 30 years I have been in the Club. Every one I have spoken to who has the “service” says it is terrible!
    Glad I stayed with AAA-RV Plus!

    And, my Escapees RV Club, these 30 years, surely outshines GS. At least, as a GS “Lifer”, I do not need to send in any annual dues!

    Let me know if you are listening? Thanx.


    Good Sam says: Martin – We heard back from Pilot Flying J about your situation. They informed me that your application for the RV Plus Card was not in their system. They also said that when members apply for the card, they receive a confirmation email in which they need to verify the information submitted. If this information isn’t verified via the email within 3 days, it is deleted. Sometimes these emails end up in the junk folder though and members don’t even realize they’ve been sent. This may have been what occurred with your situation.

    Again, we’re sorry for all of the confusion. If you still wish to apply for the RV Plus Card, simply visit Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

    Good Sam says: Martin, I just heard back from Pilot Flying J, and I’m so glad that they were able to resolve the issue with your application. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  27. sally cole

    We attended the Phoenix Good Sam RV Rally, which was a great Rally. At one of the evening events LIFETIME MEMBERS were honored, and asked to come on down to the event stage area. We have been members of Good Sam for over 21 years. Several members had been members for several more years. We were ALL promised GAS CARDS from Flying J but due to the huge number of members qualifying for this we were advised we would be sent gas cards in the mail. OUR reward was a $100 gas card. To date, we have not received this gas card. We will be traveling this summer and the gas card would certainly be very helpful since fuel prices are so high.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply, and issuance of this gas card. It sure will help.

    Sally and Howard Cole

    Good Sam says: We will follow up on this and get you an answer. Thanks for your patience and for being life members!

  28. Thank you for your post Ms. Cooper. We’re very sorry to hear about your tragic incident. We can’t imagine going through what you’ve been through. We just wanted to provide some additional clarification regarding our roadside assistance program.

    Our roadside assistance programs currently provide towing to the nearest independent professional service center capable and willing to repair your vehicle. Members always have the option to have their vehicle towed to their preferred repair shop, they would just be responsible for the overage mileage.

    In response to your suggestion, we are currently developing a new program that will allow us to meet the specific needs of more RVers. The program is designed to accommodate a members with a “predetermined mileage limit” for towing and will allow the member to choose where they want to be towed to within that limit. We are currently still working on the details of what the exact mileage will be. The program will be an enhanced version of our current Platinum product and should be available within the next few months. Keep an eye out in Highways or on the Good Sam website for more details.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Zach Weeks, Senior ERS Coordinator
    [email protected]

  29. Am a lifetime member of the Good Sam Club, and have always carried the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Membership. I did not renew it when it expired, the last time, as I had been injured by an escaping murderer, who was fleeing from police, and tried to escape by paming a U turn INSIDE a local Wal-Mart Store, where he ran me down, as well as several other shoppers. I was seriously injured, and unable to drive, or travel, for some time. My motorhome was in storage, but I was unable to go, monthly, to check it, start the generator, etc. that is usually done, when a motorhome is being stored. I am now able to drive my motorhome, again, but since it has been sitting for some time, not being driven, it needs a considerable amount of general maintainence work, such as new tires, etc. before I am able to take it back home.
    I have never used any of the RV repair places, here in the RGV, because they are all rip off joints. I have a private mechanic that I use, who does an excellent job, is honest and only does the work that is needed. He also charges much less per hour than the RV places. When I use to stay in San Antonio, the mechanic I used there, was also not specifically an,” independant pr4ofessional RV service center”. He worked out of his truck, and came to you, if it was something that did not need to go into his, ” shop”, to be fixed. The mechanic I use here in the Rio Grande Valley, also works the same way. Now I discover that Good Sam will not pay for my tow if I choose to use this, honest, knowledgable mechanic, who will come to fix my RV at a site, whereI can live in it, saving me the cost of a motel, during the time it is being repaired.
    This sounds like a scam, and I’m wondering what type of kick-back, the professional service center gives to Good Sam, for the business that they get, because of having to be an RV service center. As a single woman, who has been a motor home owner for over 20 years, I have found that most of these RV service centers take advantage of women, fixing things that do not need fixing, or, as one example of what happened to me, not changing spark plugs, but listing them as having been replaced, and charging for them. My motor home ran wo rough, I finally decided to pull the plugs to see why. The Reason, my 11 year old motor home still had the original plugs, from the factor, which are marked with a special paint, the gap was so wide, and the plugs so, ” fried” that I was surprised that the vehicle ran at all. I also discovered that the points had not been changed, and were also, “fried”! ( this is when I started doing my own tune-ups!) I should be able to choose the mechanic that I want to fix my motorhome, and be able to have it done where ever it is convenient for me, if that option is available to me. Why should I pay for a motel while my motorhome is in the shop, when my mechanic will come and fix it, on site, allowing me to save the motel charges, by being able to live in it?
    Good Sam needs to provide the service that they advertise, free towing, and allow us to make the decision as to who is going to fix it, and where. After all, we are the ones who are making the payments, on these expensive vehicles, and we want the best for our money, without having to,”ripped off” on the process! If a second tow would be necessary, to repair the problem, then that tow should be the responsibility of the motorhome owner, not the initial tow. I didn’t pay for this membership, so that I could have someone with no knowledge of the area, tell me who can and cannot work on my vehicle, or where the work has to be done! A lot of people winter in this area, so a lot of businesses have learned how to rip them off, and most of them never even know that they have been taken to the cleaners. I could give many examples of some of these, but I believe I have gotten my point across. Now it is up to you, Good Sam, to go back to the business of providing a service, as advertised, free towing, and let up decide, to where, and who is qualified to repair OUR property!

  30. Dennis

    I am a new customer with the Pilot Flying J charge card. I received my first bill via email today. I tried paying it online and their payment system cannot find me as a customer. Apparently, since I am Canadian and have a Canadian address, I have to mail a cheque to a Canadian address. (according to Pilot Flying J charge card customer service). This is not right. I am in Florida and my bank is in the USA. There is no address listed to mail in payments on the charge card bill.

    and the Pilot Flying J charge card website has no email address.

    This is not convenient at all!

  31. Arnold – we apologize for the delay in receiving your membership cards. We would like to check into this further. Please email [email protected] along with your membership information, and we will look into it right away. This will also help us provide some insight into the issue with your Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  32. Arnold J Blazek

    I joined Good Sam club Over a month ago and paid for a three year membership. I have not as yet received my membership cards and keep getting offers to join the good sam club. Also I have been trying to get a Pilot/Flying J card but Have not been able to send an Email to Good Sam or Flying J …It won’t accept my password. Please let me Know what pass word would be acceptable to you and please send my wifes card in the name of Carol L Lawing and mine in the name of Arnold J Blazek. Thank you. Sincerely Arnold Blazek.–

  33. Tennyson Tucker

    I bought the good Sam emergency service and paid for 3 years until I found out that thet don’t cover LLC. I asked for refund and they would only refund 6 months. I never used the service. I use the flying j R V Value member card from FMCA and it works good at pilot or flying J . April 23 2012

  34. William and Patricia – we certainly apologize for this confusion. We have reached out the Pilot Flying J, and they should be contacting you within 24 hours directly. If you have any other questions regarding your Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card, please email [email protected]. Thanks for your patience.

    Dean – The Pilot Flying J program just recently rolled out this past January, so it’s still a very new program with lots of different variables that we’re trying to work through. We’ve already made vast improvements to this program with the addition of Canadian Pilot Flying J locations just this month with many improvements to come as well.

    You also referenced AAA so we’re assuming that you were also considering our Good Sam Roadside Assistance program. There have been several improvements to this program already rolled out over the past several months with several other improvements that will roll out within the next month. This service is one that RVers find to be of extreme value, and we offer very competitives rates. If you have any additional questions/concerns about either of these services/benefits, please email [email protected].

  35. Dean

    I was going to sign up with GS today and get that 10 percent off camp sites but after reading all the above
    complains and all the complains Im thinking more about AAA or something else.
    Sorry about all the bad publicity but someone really should check on who really owns FJ.

  36. William & Patricia

    On 3/24/12 we applied for Pilot/Flying J RV Plus Card at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix……we were told it would take 2 weeks to receive it. To date we have not received the card nor any contact from Pilot/Flying J regarding it. How can we find out the status, or is it lost? When I called Pilot/Flying J today, the representative on the phone seemed confused as to weather we even signed up at all, even though I gave her our confirmation number???? This is inadequate customer service and reflects poorly on Good Sam Club.

  37. Steven Haussler

    While vacationing in Valdez Alaska, I lost a cam sensor on my I/H 4700. Called for assistance for towing to the nearest qualified repair facility. It was in Anchorage. I was told to run up a rope as they were not going to send someone that far for my tow. I received no assistance from Good Sam. They stated they could not force them to come and get me. They would refund my service. Cheap trick to get out of this responsibility. OK to lose a customer than force the bill. Oh yeah I have been a life member since the 70’s.

    Good Sam says:Thank you your past patronage and we apologize that we were unable to meet your needs. Our offer to reimburse you for all out of pocket expenses plus a membership extension will remain valid should you decide you would like to continue your service. We have further investigated the situation and have taken corrective actions to ensure this won’t happen again. Again, we appreciate your business and are available should you have further questions.

    Please let me know is you have any questions.

    Zach Weeks, Senior Coordonator, Customer Resolution Roadside Assistance Programs I Good Sam Ventures
    64 Inverness Dr East, Englewood, CO 80112
    (o) 303-728-7376

  38. Bob – we wanted to let you know that we followed up with Pilot Flying J in regards to your delayed card. They’re aware of this and someone will be contacting you shortly in an effort to expedite your card to you quickly. Thanks for your patience.

  39. Bob – we certainly apologize for the delay in the receipt of your Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card. We will certainly be happy to check into this for you. In order to do so, we will need some additional information. Please email [email protected] along with your member number, and we will check into it right away. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!


    I applied for a Pilot/FlyingJ RV plus card 5 weeks ago.

    There is no sign of the card(s) and now I can’t access a web site to track the progress.

    What’s happening?

  41. Larry – please accept our most sincere apologies for this experience with Pilot Flying J. We would like to check into this further as this is certainly unacceptable customer service. Please email [email protected] along with your membership information and we will check into this right away. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member.

  42. I just got my Roadside Assistance card and after paying $80.00 I can not sign up for a PFJ card?

    Good Sam says: David, we apologize for the confusion regarding the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card. As a Good Sam Roadside Assistance member, you receive several great benefits such as towing, flat tire service, and much more. All of your benefits can be view at The fuel discount through Pilot Flying J is available to members of the Good Sam Club, which is associated with Good Sam Roadside Assistance but has very different functions and benefits than GS RA. The benefits available to Good Sam members can be viewed at We hope this provides some additional clarification.

  43. Larry

    The website is so bad it couldn’t even pass as a rip off.

    How could Good Sam be associated with these people ?

    Tried calling for information.

    1. They cannot tell me when I will get a bill.
    2. They don’t know why “Account Balance” displays “Last Transaction”
    3. and to top it off.
    They want full access to my checking account.

    I will be paying this off and closing it as soon as possible.

  44. Bob Corfield

    I just wanted to take advantage of the offer of Roadside assistance plan for $80 and find that it really isn’t $80 but is twice that amount once the shipping and handling is added! No THANKS!!!

    Good Sam says: Bob, we wanted to provide some clarification into this. Good Sam Roadside Assistance doesn’t charge any shipping and handling fees, so we’re unsure as to the charges that you were seeing. Please email [email protected] along with your Good Sam member information and we will check into your issue right away. Also, if you could tell us if you were purchasing this from or, this will help us in nailing down the issue. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  45. Susan

    Just activated my card, and wanted to change control number. Said to go to Account Manager, could not find it listed. So I called and was put on hold for over 10 minutes then connection was so bad I couldn”t hear, was told to call back. What kind of outfit is this? Very unhappy and might as well cut cards up.

    Good Sam says: Susan, please accept our most sincere apologies for this issue with the Pilot Flying J’s customer service line. If you’re unable to resolve this or you have any additional issues, please email [email protected], and we will check into this right away. Thanks for your patience as we work to refine the process revolving the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card.

  46. Very poor web site from a customer’s view. Can’t retrieve password, goes in an endless loop. Tells me something about the competency of the web master and/or where GS and Pilot care about this potential incremental business.

    Good Sam says: Thank you for your valuable feedback. We’re always looking to improve the experience for our members, so your comments will be taken into consideration for our improvements. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  47. Roland DuBree

    The present Pilot Flying J “R.V. Real Value” discount (not credit) card gives you 0.02 off per gallon of gas, 0.03 off diesel, 0.10 off propane and $5.00 off the $10.00 dump fee. The advantage is PFJ gives the discount off the cash price even when using you own credit card. You use your credit card and are charged the cash price and then get the discount off the cash price. When you own credit card gives an additional discout on fuel thet you are ahead of the game.

    Flying J prices went up when they merged with Pilot. To be expected. They merged with the competition and could charges what every they wanted since a makor competitor was gone. That was the time to switch to the Wal-Mart Discover card that gave 0.03 off per gallon at wal-Mart and Murphy. Even today Walmart/Murphy prices In many place is a better deal.

    See no advantage in applying for a Good Sams, or rather Pilot Flying J credit card to add to my wallet. That why they want your SS number too. no one gives you credit without getting the SS number.

  48. I don’t give my social security no to anyone , and those that do wonder why their bank accounts etc get ripped off. A credit card I don’t need either. The interest paid in the long run is more then the savings of the discount.Therefore I don’t use credit cards, and thats one reason why I have extra cash for my camping trips. I am a Good Sam member and enjoy the benefits, but please don’t go to this kind of ripe off.

  49. Troy Orf

    The reason I signed up is because the Pilot near our home in WA is always 3-4 cents cheaper than the other stations for diesel. What is aggravating though is I signed up the day this offer was announced and it’s now March 2, 2012. Going on 2 months is unacceptable.

  50. John Johnson

    NO WAY GOOD SAM!!!!! I dropped you like a hot potato over the flying pilot card. What a Crock! I must remind you that customers made you what you are today and customers can break you. Be careful what you hook-up with in the future. Most people are not that stupid.

    Good luck in the future…………

  51. Darlene Corrao-Plant

    Have carried the Flying J fuel discount card for many years. Usually pump price was one to three cents a gallon less than other vendors, plus the one cent. Not bad. Noticed some time ago that FJ prices seemed to be above other fuel dispensers. Now I know why, merge with Pilot. The Good Sam/ PFJ card seems to be ice in the winter. GS keeps saying, “It is different from a regular credit card, paid in full every month—” GS is dodging the issue. If not paid in full there is interest. What’s more, road experience teaches that “discount” offers typically do not offer real savings. Nobody is giving anything away! If PFJ is offering .08 a gallon discount, look at the pump price. Usually about 8-10 cents higher than other fuel stops. At least for diesel. Made a special effort to get the PFJ card, many years a life member with my husband. Thanks for all the comments. Now, I pass. Cash works wonders, and it is available in reasonable amounts at most stores. Think “Wally”. GS needs to be more of a “member” benefit club than a marketing/sales organization. A credit card is a credit card, and ultimately cost something. “Discover”, Cosco? Look at the membership cost, do the arithmetic and , as I have, discover that no one is giving away anything. Including GS. Thanks, again.

  52. Dan Lechliter

    I see in one of these posts that makes some comments that Discover Card gives you 2 cents per gallon back. I don’t know what Discover card you’re using but right now I get 5% BACK ON FUEL PURCHASES WITH MY DISCOVER OPEN ROAD CARD!!! That comes to a whopping TWENTY CENTS per gallon, NOT 2 CENTS!! Discover’s Open Road credit card program gives you 5% for three months, then 2% for three months and then reverts back to 5% for three, etc.. Even at 2%, you’re still getting 8 cents per gallon! Best deal around. As far as giving a SSN to get the new FJP benefits, I wouldn’t give mine out for something like that either. It pays to be VERY judicious with giving out that number with all the identity theft going on. Dan L. Oxnard, Ca.

  53. Tom Bronk

    Most everything that could be said about this “new benefit” has been said, but I would just like to add to other comments about Pilot/Flying J fuel prices. Having just completed an 8000 mile road trip last fall we found their fuel prices higher than most anyone else. Even with the discount you can buy fuel cheaper at other companies. I commend Good Sam for trying, but they needed to get in bed with a company that provide a real benefit.

  54. James Rosacker

    I applied for the new card approximatly one month ago, and was give a number that was to be assigned to me and that the card with be comng in the mail in a short while. As of yet I have not recieved anything or heard anything from anybody. Please look into this and respond.

    Good Sam says: Jim – we apologize for this inconvenience. Due to the overwhelming response from Good Sam members, Pilot Flying J has been delayed a few weeks in sending out the RV Plus Cards. We certainly appreciate your patience as well as your interest in this program.

  55. Johnnie Dekle

    I quit using the Frequent Fueler card last year after several failures and frustrtions. The dollar or two savings was not worth the aggravation it caused. You can call it a charge card if you wish but if you buy now and pay later, even the next day, you are buying on credit. I have been using credit cards for 50 plus years and have not paid any interest on them in over 10 years. I prefer the Chase/BP card. It rebates 5% currently but will change to 15 cents in March. I believe that is 5 times more than 3 cents.

  56. You have got to be kidding. You want my SS number. “NO WAY”” I had my ID stolen by someone using it. It took me three years to get it cleared up. I cannot believe Good Sam is a party to this.Goodby PFJ. “HELLO PETRO”

    Good Sam says: Gary, we understand and respect your feelings about your SS number, especially since you have experienced trouble with identity theft in the past. This is a requirement from Pilot Flying J in order to extend the credit via the RV Plus Card. This is not a Good Sam Club requirement and Good Sam Club will not have visibility to any confidential information provided to Pilot Flying J. We hope this helps to clarify this a bit. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  57. Brian

    NEVER NERVER Give them your Social Security Number. Never give anyone your SSA number.

    Good Sam says: Brian – as statement below in Gary’s comment, this is a requirement from Pilot Flying J in order to extend the credit via the RV Plus Card. We do respect your feelings about your SSN, and realize that not everyone will wish to take advantage of this member benefit. We hope you’ll take advantage of our other money-saving benefits, and we appreciate you being a Good Sam member!


  58. I have been reading the comments and most are pretty negative (shame on the commenters, not Good Sam or PFJ
    Good Sam has, I believe, come up with a great idea and perk here… are all complaining about giving up a SSN or other personal info…look at this from the PFJ point of view…..they are “giving” you a valuable thing….say you have a diesel pusher. Many of these have 100 gal. tanks…this is worth up as much as $400 free to use for as long as 30 days (up to $2,500 worth per month if you pay inside the 15 day grace period -then you pay late fees).
    …..I would definitely want to have all the info I could get on whomever I am giving $400 worth of fuel or $2,500 total per month to (name, address, phone#, SSN, etc) to make sure I don’t get stiffed….

    Sure Costco sells cheaper gas…(you are paying $50 or more per year for the membership-how many cents off per gal is that worth?)…and Discover gives you 2 cents cash back per gallon….how much interest / annual fee are you paying?
    I see this as another card in my wallet that can be a backup to use when the other fleet card I use (and have to pay off monthly) when my primary fuel location is not available or nearby / convenient.
    They (PFJ) do not charge annual fees, you can purchase anything that PFJ sells, plus discount on fuel, 10 cents off per gal. on propane, 1/2 price on dumping as long as you agree to pay off monthly…..Oh..and attention penny pinchers….$5 IS NOT outlandish for dumping the sewer!!! If you have RV’d at all, you all know you have seen some pretty crappy/scary/run down and extremely filfy-dirty RV dumps – they may have been free…but NOT as clean and well maintained as PFJ dumps. A clean, well stocked, fully functional and operational sewer dump is rare and costs money to operate/maintain. These guys have to pay the local municipalities to be able to connect to the sewer, maintain, clean, stock their equipment (and pay someone to do this) & times are tough for all….$5 is not a reason to not use this convenience at a PFJ while you are already stopped for fuel or services.

  59. lee case

    Are you kidding me. Good Sam selling credit cards for FJ?? No way. Keep your special offer. Their prices are getting out of line compared to other vendors. KEEP IT!!

    Good Sam says: Lee, we respect your feelings about the RV Plus Card. We do wish to provide some additional clarification in that it is different from a regular credit card as the card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Also, you will receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. And with this new card, Good Sam members receive a deeper discount than other Pilot Flying J cards offer. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a Good Sam member.

  60. Pat

    We understand that the new Pilot/Flying J RV Plus Card is different than a regular credit card. What you “don’t understand” is that members “do not” want another card to carry around and have to pay once a month!!! I agree that the Good Sam Card should have a notation on it that says we get a discount at PIlot/Flying J and where we can use the credit cards that we already have to purchase gas.

    Good Sam says: Pat, this is a requirement from Pilot Flying J in order to validate your membership level within their system and in order to extend the credit via the RV Plus Card. We do understand that not all members will want to take advantage of the new Pilot Flying J discount, but we wanted to make it available for those who do wish to participate. We hope you’ll take advantage of our additional money-savings benefits. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  61. robert moore

    Canadians remember that any bank in Canada that issues a credit card in either US or CD dollars is liable for unortherized purchases, NOT YOU, ALSO you only give your social insurance number to the government not to creditcad companies,or electric co.

  62. Trish

    Our Costco / Amex card gives us 4% back for gasoline BUT traveling all over the USA there is often no Costco nearby so I was thinking Pilot/J would be a good backup.
    I like the $0.10 gal off propane as well as the $5 dumping charge in the rare times it might be necessary.
    The dumping used to be free…oh well!
    I was filling out the application &
    1) couldn’t believe they wanted my Social Security number &
    2) I didn’t see a place to add a pin number…does this mean that anyone that would find a lost “CHARGE CARD” would be able to us it????
    I will not complete this form until I speak with FJ PILOT…I’ve been waiting on the line for quite awhile ….guess I’m not the only one calling them to clarify the pin & SSN question.

  63. Tom – We understand that our members may have other resources for fuel discounts other than the Good Sam Club, and that not every member will want to take advantage of the Pilot Flying J discounts. We just want to let every Good Sam member know that this new benefit is available to any member who chooses to participate.

    Also, there has been some confusion over the type of card that this truly is. We understand your concerns and wish to provide clarification in that the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card. The card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Also, you will receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. Hope this helps to clarify a bit. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  64. TOM

    was completing the application until I realized this is nothing more than another credit card application. You come on to us like this is a good deal for your members. Just tell us up front it’s a “credit card type” application. If you are all about giving your members benefits, then give us benefits and not more credit burdon on our credit ratings.
    The best Gas prices are at Costco always less than the Fying J

  65. philip racicot

    I use my discover card for fuel purchases it gives me 2% cash back bonus which equals .08 cents a gallon @$ 4.00 gallon No need for the Flying J RV Plus Card. to get more bang for your buck stick to cash back bonus cards

  66. Robert Blackwell

    Pilot’s charge card is a credit card and ask for your SS # , just be late on your monthly statement and the interest will kick in. User/Buyer beware.

    Good Sam says: Robert, we understand your concerns and wish to provide clarification in that the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card. The card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Also, you will receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. And with this new card, Good Sam members receive a deeper discount than other Pilot Flying J cards offer.

    Regarding the need for social security number, this is a requirement from Pilot Flying J in order to extend the credit via the RV Plus Card. This is not a Good Sam Club requirement and Good Sam Club will not have visibility to any confidential information provided to Pilot Flying J. If you’re uncomfortable providing your social security number online, you can also contact Pilot Flying J at 1-855-4RV-PLUS (1-855-478-7587) to apply via phone. This is not a credit card as payment is due in full each month. Payments may be made online or through an automatic-debit payment. Hope this helps to clarify, and thank you for being a Good Sam member.

  67. Mel – Unfortunately, the Canadian based Pilot Flying J locations as well as a handful of other locations located in the U.S. are not participating in the program due to their independent contractor’s status. Since they are not solely owned by Pilot Flying J, by contract they do not have to participate. Pilot Flying J has over 500 locations in the United States that will offer the savings when using the RV Plus Card during your travels in the United States. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  68. Mel Hinchliffe

    Why dont you make the same offers avalible to your Canadian buddies that you willing take their subscription fees from ??????????????????????????/.

  69. Joe Cusimano

    As I posted earlier today I was a little disappointed with the whole charge card idea but I think many of the comments here are overly harsh and negative. As with any member benefit from any organization, not everyone will use every single member benefit. No one is being forced to use it, but it’s there if you want it. Ask yourselves this: How much was the fuel discount last year? We didn’t have one did we?, so kudos to the GoodSam Club for putting something on the table.

  70. Bruce Gentry

    I am a new Good Sam’s Club member & what I am reading from other members is rather disturbing!!! I am no longer an aarp member because of their lying & deceitful ways of doing business!! Am I a member of yet another type of scam, as aarp is????

    Good Sam says: Bruce – first of all, welcome to the Good Sam family. We want to assure you that this benefit was created in an effort to add value to your membership as this is not a credit card but a charge card. Please watch your mailbox or email inbox within the coming days about this new benefit as well as the additional new benefits. During the meantime, you can also view the new benefits offered by signing into your online Good Sam Club account and going to the Member Benefits section.

    We want to assure you that we have the best interest of our members in mind, and appreciate your patience during this transition period.

  71. Scott Schnelle

    As Fulltimers, we’ve given up on Pilot/Flying J’s because their prices have gotten out of control compared to everyone else. We spend a lot of money on fuel as it it and now we need to get another card? At least with our regular CC’s we get points that we can use towards gift cards at Christmas. I think I’ll pass and we don’t see this as a benefit at all…

  72. A. Stephens

    We have a Flying J discount card whch offers discounts, maybe not a good as this new “credit card”. We do not need another credit card to keep track of. I’m very disappointed that Good Sam would offer a program like this.

    Good Sam says: We understand your concerns. We do wish to provide clarification in that the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card. This card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Therefore, you will be able to receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases. And with this new card, Good Sam members receive a deeper discount than other Pilot Flying J cards offer. Hope this helps to clarify, and thank you for being a Good Sam member.

  73. Bonnie Bartnik

    While Good Sam & Camping World have just merged, why not ask Flying J & Pilot to just HONOR the new card at their pumps! This would save the Good Sam members from divulging their SS numbers. If an additional number is necessary for them (fuel companies) to process at the pump, it could also be imprinted on the Good Sam “combo” card. It’s really a simple thing. (Many medical cards have already sent out a “combo-type” card. That seems to be working fine.) IS IT WORTH A TRY????

    Good Sam says: Thank you for your suggestion. The new cards are required only because they are associated with the Good Sam Club so therefore, Pilot Flying J is able to tell your membership level and provide the fuel discounts accordingly. We do certainly appreciate your feedback as we’re always looking to improve the club.

  74. Just to provide additional clarification, we wanted you all to know that the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card is different from a regular credit card. This card must be paid off each month unlike regular credit cards which have revolving debt. Therefore, you will be able to receive the fuel discounts without accruing interest charges on your purchases.

    Also, we wanted to let you know that the link to the Terms and Conditions for this card has now been fixed. Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

  75. Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback! It really helps us. The Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card offers a deeper discount to Good Sam members than the regular Flying J card offers. This is the advantage of this Good Sam Club benefit. And life members receive the deepest discounts on their services.

    Also, we understand if you’re uncomfortable providing your Social Security Number online. You can also contact Pilot Flying J about this card by calling 1-855-4RV-PLUS (1-855-478-7587).

    Thanks again for your feedback and for being Good Sam members!

  76. William R. Iber

    Sir – do I have to apply for a new card? I followed a procedure where I went online and “registered” my card with Flying J to get the RV benefits, but when I used the card the next time, the pump would not accept the card and I had to go into the store to get my savings refund.

  77. Frederic Forehand

    Mr. Miles Johnson—- even at 6 cents a gallon discount, Pilot still has the highest pump prices in the nation. But, in fairness there is a reason, they provide other services to their professional truck driver customer base, such showers and lounges, which are not used by RVers.

  78. Frederic Forehand

    Life Member comment and info: This RV discount card is not a Good Sam benefit. I have had a Flying J RV discount card for many years. This card is available from Flying J for anyone who applies. A few years ago Pilot corporation took over Flying J corporation and since then I have stopped buying my fuel at Flying J locations. The reason ??? At that merger Pilot imposed their own pricing structure at all Flying J locations nationwide, which on average is and has been 10 cents a gallon higher than all other truck stops (ie: Love’s) and local suppliers. The best fuel discount now available per gallon is the 5 CENTS FOR CASH in addition to their already lower pump prices at these other truck stops and local suppliers. Why doesn’t Good Sam join with a supplier that will give a discount off their pump price in addition to the 5 cents for cash discount??? THAT WOULD BE A REAL GOOD SAM CLUB BENEFIT ! What do you say Good Sam????

  79. Linda Karl

    I am a life member and when I realized the Pilot/FlyingJ offer was another credit card I stopped filling out the form.. Besides you can’t pull up the Terms and Conditions. I’m disappointed that Good Sam didn’t tell us this is a credit card, not a benefit. I always felt that Good Sam was watching our back, not so sure any more.

  80. Joe Cusimano

    To be fair it’s a “charge card” not a credit card. No different from any other fuel company charge card like Shell or BP. However I am a little disappointed. I thought it would simply be a GoodSam branded version of the current Pilot/Flying J card that offerred an “extra” discount for GoodSam members

  81. Miles Johnson

    Members should read the whole deal before they post negative comments.
    It is true that Pilot/Flying J has offered a “Frequent Fueler Advantage (FFA)” discount for some time which is NOT linked to a “payment card”. It is available to anyone who walks into one of their facilities and asks for one. However, the discounts on FFA cards are only 1/2 of what is offered with this new card. For example, the discount on diesel increases from 3 cents per gallon to 6 cents and there is no $$$$ limit on purchases so your pump will not shut off until your tank is full. So, if you don’t wish to apply for the “payment card”, simply go into any Pilot/Flying J and pick up a “Frequent Fueler Advantage” card. You will still have to register, but you wil; not be required to disclose any financhial or “SS” information.

  82. Everett Salsberry

    I am not so sure this offering of a credit card is a benifit. I think it is more along the lines of a scam. Good Sam you just lost my Confidence!

  83. J. A. Glasco

    Thank you to all who made comments about the “money saving benefit” with the Pilot/Flying J card. Like everyone, I’m looking for ways to save, but after reading all the comments, you have saved me time and aggravation. I don’t need or want another credit card!

  84. William Maginot

    Even with the discount Flying J/Pilot fuel prices tend to be 15-20 cents per gallon higher. I have had their discount card for several years, but seldom use it because of their price. Why doesn’t Good Sam find a supplier that will give a real discount – that would be w real Good Sam benefit!

  85. james hilliard

    been a camper sins 1975 looks to me like Good Sams Club is becoming Sams Money Pit

  86. Royce Sartain

    As a life memberI too am was disappointed to see that Good Sam is pushing a Flying J credit care. No thanks I don’t need another card. It deludes my confidence in Good Sam !

  87. R.A.W.

    I just paid my presidents card fee yesterday, and then get this today. Does that mean I will get my fee refunded? If not, I am very disappointed in Good Sam Club. It would look as if they are just trying to get another fee.

    Good Sam says: We definitely understand where you’re coming from. Please contact Member Services at 1-800-234-3450, and we will be happy to check into your account.

  88. Tom Norman

    I have a Flying J/Pilot RV Frequent Fueler Card now. What is the difference between the one I have now and the Pilot/Flying J Plus Card?

  89. Good Sam I am so disappointed!!!! This is no loyalty card just another credit card application…. don’t try to trick us. I’ve always had a lot of confidence in the Good Sam organization. You’ve tarnished your image in my opinion!

  90. D. Z.

    I was completing the application until I realized this is nothing more than another credit card application. You come on to us like this is a good deal for your members. Just tell us up front it’s a “credit card type” application. If you are all about giving your members benefits, then give us benefits and not more credit burdon on our credit ratings.

  91. Bob Fitzpatrick

    Not a discount offer. It is a credit card application! Good Sam don’t start lying to us.

  92. Glenn Dunn

    SSNO? Nope. And, the terms and condition page isn’t available to read? You’ve gotta be kidding. You’re trying to sell me another credit card aren’t you. I’ve been a Life Member for 25 years.
    Shame on you Good Sam.

  93. Les Fenter

    The discounts are attractive, particularly the advantage of being a Lifetime Member. However, I’m not interested in having yet one more account to manage, keep password for, track & pay each month. Thanks, but no thanks. Then I read about them asking for SSNO??? Done.

  94. Frank Crivello

    I was going to apply for my Flying J discount card until the form asked for my Social Security number, NO WAY!
    This is the most vulnerable of identification information.

    Please respond or correct your request.

  95. J R

    I’ve had my “Lazy J” RV Loyalty Card for many years. This isn’t anything new, or a Good Sam benefit at all. (It was even worth while before Pilot took over.)

  96. Harold Smith

    I am a Good Sam Life member. will a life member have to buy a membership in the president club at camping world?

    Good Sam says: Harold – great news! The Good Sam Club and the President’s Club have merged into one club. So now as a Good Sam life member, you will received all of your Good Sam member benefits as well as the benefits that the President’s Club offers! Therefore, you will not need to purchase any additional memberships to enjoy the discounts at Camping World.

    Plus, as a life member, you will receive the highest level of member benefits! Click the link below and log into your Good Sam Club online account to view your personal member benefits.

  97. Colleen Phipps

    This is not a Good Sam benefit. It is available to anyone who signs up. What is Good Sam coming to when they have to advertise these bogus benefits!

    Good Sam says: Colleen, we want to assure you that this benefit is exclusive to Good Sam members. Nonmembers who wish to sign up for a Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card can only do so by enrolling into the Good Sam Club as well. Hope this helps to clarify.