Molltal ViewOne of the coolest and most fun things that people like to do with the advent of digital photography is to upload their travel photos while vacationing and email them back to family and friends. Sort of like a virtual postcard that’s instantaneous and, moreover, convenient. First of all, you don’t have to (a) find a postcard, (b) remember to bring stamps and (c) then have to find a mailbox.

It’s a great way to keep in touch, provide a message and a few shots of your adventures and, best of all, hardly costs a dime. Now I know you’ve surely taken lots of photos of your RV travels, but do you also travel with laptop or computer in tote? Are you able to connect to the Internet while you’re RVing? Perhaps many of you have already sent photos to loved ones back home and this is old hat?

Do your photos include pets that travel with you? Do you have a shot that you think could win a contest (or at least be fun to see posted on the Internet)? If so, read on…

Through December 31, is sponsoring its 2nd Annual Pet Photo Contest. All you have to do is agree to some basic terms, such as stating that the photo(s) you submit are your own and not “borrowed” from another source, that you’re okay with the photos appearing on the site, etc.

Best news is that someone will walk away with “Best of Show” honors and $100! There will be lots of other prizes for winners in various categories.

So keep those shutters clicking and those pets posing. Impress our judges with your pet photos, and you could just be a prize winner! If nothing else, they’ll be added to our Pet Photo Gallery for you to admire your furry friends on the Internet!

Keep in mind, the contest is open to submission of ALL pet photos. The travel-related photo is just one category in the contest. Just be sure that what you submit is your own work!

Happy Pet Travels and good luck!

Tom James

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