Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: “iPods, iPads, iPhones, and now rpods? This Is Why God Made Tents.”

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April 6, 2011

We (briefly) contemplated buying a Forest River rpod travel trailer over the weekend.  Yup…that’s a  phantom photo rpod hovering over a Grand Canyon ledge, much  like that woman I wrote about who almost made orphans of her children as they watched her  praise the Sun God or some such nonsense. Thanks for the photo, husband.

For those of you who haven’t channeled your inner tear drop lately, the rpod is a tiny, totally cool, self-contained trailer shaped like a tear drop. Now, the more observant among  you may have noted the word “pod” after the  “r.”  How could they do that to us?  Who, in the 21st century, would torture the RVing public by  naming something with yet another “pod” in it? Don’t they have focus groups to check that stuff out ? And if they do, would someone invite me to be in one? 

If you don’t believe it’s tough keeping  all these virtually identical names straight, talk to our poor  RV guy. I kept saying things like, “How big is the blackwater tank in this rpad ?” and “Does this iPad have AC?” and “Do these Rphones leak in storms?” I don’t think I even once called the thing by its correct name:  rpod.   The rep seemed confused by my confusion;  a state well recognized by anyone nearby who loved me enough to marry me.

Sometimes all  these gizmos with their interchangeable names make me long to wake up in a dank, smoky cave where  gnawing the marrow out of a  mastodon brunch would be considered a technological achievement. And what, may you ask, caused all this reflection about goof ball tech names?  It was a tent.

 We just bought a 10 man Coleman Weather Master tent. (note: we got ours at Costco for about fifty bucks less).  Yup…’member tents? Those (mostly) simple things powered by parents and any kids old enough to stake them (the tents, not the parents).  Those things you position so you can watch dying embers well into the night? Those things you sit camp chairs in front of so you can  dodge smoke? I remember tents well;  before I became a techno-geek; back when I thought a book was something with two sides that had a bunch of pages sewn in between them; back when I though blackwater was something  The Doobie Brothers were hung up on. Allow me to wax nostalgic while I  forget the downsides of tents.

 We’re going to stake a giant tent  beside our travel trailer this summer to act as a “bonus room.” I’ll let you know how that goes. There could be stories.  I think I’ll love our tent, and deep in my whiny heart, I love technology even when I hate it. I work, play, stay in touch using my tech toys. They’re  like a herd of puppies nipping at my ankles; they can righteously tick me off but they are adorable and  fun and for the most part, add to my life.

  I’ll keep abreast of new technology with its bewildering array of almost identical names and enjoy the simplicity of our  new tent. I think. I’ll let you know how a tent-as-bonus-room works, or better yet, will you let me know?  And yes, I can say “leak.”

 Happy Tales to you and yours,


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  1. Patti Faustini

    Hey Butterbean, and it’s always great hearing from you. Yup…I pretty much “slid” through Ohio State. A little too much of a wild child, but I’ve matured considerably. My dad used to say “Patti graduated Magna Cum Barely.”

    Aren’t you glad Bing was the man when you were younger? “Kids these days” are missing so much, even though there may be some good current music out there. Me? I’m a huge MoTown fan!
    Take care and I’ll tell hubby you liked the photo, too!

    Happy Tales to you and yours,


  2. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Patti,
    I didn’t even know you had messed up; I’m so old Bing was just a kid singer… The pic is a hoot
    and the revival of the vintage trailers is good… That makes mine ‘current’ again… Slid through, did you; and you weren’t on scholarship in sports !!!!!!!!!!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Patti Faustini

    Thanks Genevieve, I’m glad you liked the art! My husband has a great time with his photography, and that picture cracked me up. I wonder if I should send it to Forest River rpods ! Nice hearing from you.

    Happy Tales, G,


  4. Patti Faustini

    Hi Eric, and yup…you got it. I meant “Revival” not “Survival!” And turns out, it’s neither…The Doobie Brothers sang “Black Water!” Sigh…maybe I should have quit referencing rock and roll when I slithered my way out of Ohio State.

    Happy Tales, and I love hearing from you!


  5. Patti Faustini

    OK, Richard, and my other dear, observant readers! Yup….you’re right…it’s Credence Clearwater Revival (not Survival, which I’d like think Word auto-corrected without my knowledge but I know the buck stops here so it doesn’t matter), and even more right, The Doobie Brothers sang that song, and if I’d remembered that I wouldn’t have had to write about CCR in the first place!

    Forgive me, other readers, if you’re unfamiliar with either CCR or The Doobie Brothers, two of my former favorites. Yours may be the greater minds!

    Happy Tales and thank you , Richard. I’m glad at least one of us is awake at the wheel!


  6. Genevieve Branco

    Cool art!

  7. Richard

    Hate to correct you but i believe it’s Credence Clearwater REVIVAL and The song Blacwater was song by the Doobie Brothers. I do love reading your blogs. You tent may be roomier than the Rpod.

  8. eric

    Um, did you mean Clearance Clearwater REVIVAL, per chance?

    We’ve used the old “Tent by the back door of the trailer” trick a couple of times. It didn’t work for us… BUT only because we camped boondock style on top of a mountain in Wyoming where the wind literally never stopped blowing, and kept blowing the tent over.

    Look forward to hearing how yours works!