Election Making You Thirsty? Try These "RV Friendly" Wine Glasses…

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November 3, 2014

With Election Day approaching, more obnoxious political ads are filling our airwaves – which is leading more of us to drink. If you choose to imbibe wine, please do so responsibly and safely – with GoVino Wine Glasses (http://goo.gl/8BHnan). These wine glasses are flexible, shatterproof, and recyclable. They are especially handy around an RV during this time of year.

Drinking and RV camping is always a controversial topic. Indeed, here in “the Land of the Free,” some state campgrounds forbid alcohol entirely. Last year, some friends of ours received a $150 fine for simply enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. (Sadly, I am not making this up.) They were simply two people relaxing at their RV campsite in front of their motorhome with an open bottle of wine, which apparently was behavior worthy of financial punishment. In this case, I guess “freedom” meant that the local Barney Fife was “free” to take money away from American citizens for engaging in behavior that would be legal throughout the rest of the Western world. So wherever you choose to camp, please review whatever ridiculous legal constraints may exist that prohibit grown adults from responsibly consuming wine at an RV campsite.

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But I digress. The topic at hand is Govino wine glasses

The nice thing about Govino glasses is that they are made of plast… err, I mean, “food safe polymer.” While with some products plastic might be a liability, anyone who does extensive RV travel knows what happens inside RV cabinetry on a bumpy highway.

Traveling along the highway creates a small earthquake effect inside an RV. Often glass is vulnerable to breakage, especially thin glass such as used in wine glasses. These Govino glasses solve that problem. In an RV, plastic drinking containers make sense. Go ahead and call it “food safe polymer” if that makes you feel better.

The Govino glasses are stemless, which makes them easier to store. It also makes them less likely to be tipped over. Personally I prefer drinking from a stemless wine glass. I’m sure there were some valid historical reasons for the evolution of the stemmed wine glass. While it may look elegant, in practice it’s a bit of a pain.

These Govino glasses include a thumb notch in the design that makes them even easier to hold.

Please note that Govino glasses are not dishwasher safe. This is not an issue for us, since we don’t have a dishwasher in our own RV. But if you do have a dishwasher (lucky you!), please refrain from putting these inside. A good sink washing is in order for these glasses.

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