SAVE YOUR RV SLIDE OUTS with this Lubricant

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November 4, 2014

If you have slide outs in your RV, a little maintenance goes a long way. You should regularly lube your slide outs with a product like Camco Slide Out Lube ( It’s a nice value at around $10 for a 15-ounce can.

Camco’s Slide Out Lube is a dry lube that’s specially formulated for RV slide outs. It will reduce slide rail friction and the problems that ensue from such friction.

CLICK THE CAN to get yer own lube!

CLICK THE CAN to get yer own lube!

Slide out mechanisms and seals are expensive, so this is a wise investment in long term protection.

The spray should be applied to metal rails and gears. This lube will help ensure that your slide outs continue to operate smoothly without sticking.

This Camco spray-on lube leaves behind a dry film that repels dirt and grime.

Even more important, the film also protects metal surfaces against damaging rust and corrosion.

Camco’s lubricant is surprisingly durable and long-lasting.

In fact, it’s rated for 336 hours of continuous salt spray (that’s 2 weeks to you and me). The upshot? After a thorough dose of this stuff, you are free to take that two week beachfront vacation.

If you are winterizing your rig, it’s a good time to take care of some routine maintenance tasks like lubing your slide outs.

Slide outs are wonderful amenities in an RV, but they are often the source of maintenance problems. Headaches often start with corrosion, which left unchecked can ruin the entire assembly. It’s best to take preventative steps. In RV maintenance, diligence is the key.

This Camco lube addresses a couple of potential problem areas, helping the gears and rails work better while also fighting corrosion. For ten bucks a can, it’s a no brainer purchase!

Click here to get your own can.

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