Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Are You Rastafarian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Christian or Don’t Give a Rip One Way or the Other? You must see Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross

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February 26, 2011

You could easily drive into Sedona, Arizona and miss it; the chapel perched high on the mountain, sandstone art blending with flaming scarlet rocks. But you’d regret it big time. Are you an atheist?  You have to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross . Are you Muslim or Hindu? You just can’t miss it. What if you’re Rastafarian, agnostic, Jewish, or Christian? Yup…you get it . You must drive up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. No matter who you are, what your faith, beliefs or interests, this is a drive well worth making. Why? Because the Chapel is an architectural wonder set in Sedona’s unbelievable Red Rock country and each of us responds to beauty and genius.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross needs to be seen because places like this are rare in the United States.  Europe, however, offers a variety of miraculous architectural mountain top retreats.  One of my favorites is Montserrat, outside  Barcelona, Spain.

Even with 23 eighth graders glued to my hip, the experience was wonderful. I feel the same about Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross, built in 1956, and believe me,  it’s a far easier journey.

There is a ton of information about the Chapel on the internet. I’m not here to provide details of its history, construction, architecture, or beauty.  I am here to tell you, flat out, if you’re in the Sedona area, see the Chapel. You’ll find what you want, be it a matter of the spiritual, artistic, architectural or incredible fusion of nature and man’s creativity.

We’re camping in Sedona. Check back next time and I’ll tell you about that. I’m still in recovery from recently motioning our TT into the driveway, listening to the roar of the World’s Best  Hubby : “I’m ‘gonna  get a Class C and that’s that!”

Happy Tales,


PS: If you’re coming from “uptown” Sedona,  go on 179 south toward  Village of Oak Creek for 3.1 miles. Turn left on Chapel Road and go to the top until the road ends. Guys are there to help you park. It’s a climb from the parking lot to the chapel, so comfortable shoes are key. If you even think you may need to use the bathroom, you better stop at the green porta-potty at the bottom of the road. Sorry…just being real here. There are zero restroom facilities at the Chapel. I know…

If walking is a challenge, you can drive all the way to the base of the entry ramp and park there. These spaces are reserved for vendors and those who require handicap parking spaces. The Chapel and ramp are wheel chair accessible;  however unless you have an electric wheel chair, you or someone else had better be a powerhouse pusher! It’d be a good idea to check details with the Chapel staff. Call (928) 301.0697

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  1. Nice hearing from you , Brenda and Gary. Thank you for sending the “how you keep track of stuff” information! Great ideas. Yes, I think crocheting is a great WW III preventative tactice. I do the same thing! My hubby loves it when I pull out the hook when he’s driving…it means I’m leaping off his back!

    Stay in touch, and Happy Tales to you and yours,

  2. Gary & Brenda

    Hi Pattie, we will definately be letting you know when we are in your area. We hope to be full time soon and will be heading South in the fall. My list of places to see is probably unorganized for anyone but me… lol. I have a list going in my “favorites” when I read a blog that catches my interest I find a web site for it and save it, another thing I have done is look at videos on” you tube” and saved them there too, but the best thing I do is tell Gary about it. He was a long haul truck driver for many years and has been all over the states, when I mention a city near most places he can remember the interstate numbers and know exactly where I am talking about. I on the other hand get lost in the back yard if the grass is too high and argue with the GPS constantly, and yes I have to face the other way sometimes to orientate myself with a map. So I pan to crochet while we travel… me reading the map will just cause world war 3!

  3. Patti Faustini

    Liz,, how great to hear from you! I’m not a ‘longhorn’ but I’ve always thought that sounded cool: Texas Longhorns! Glad you liked what the blog on Sedona adnd yes, the Chapel is awe inspiring. Ya gotta come, don’t you think?

    Happy Tales to you and yours, and I hope to hear from you again,


  4. Liz

    I would love to visit this place. It’s looks awe-inspiring! Thank you for posting the pictures. I am in Texas, don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to go, but now I know about it and have seen the lovely pictures. I will read more on the link you provided. Glad to find this blog!

  5. Patti Faustini

    Hi Brenda and Gary, Yes, it’d be great if you could see the Chapel. Once you get over this way, write and let me know you’ll be in the area! How do you organize your “Places to see” list, by the way?

    Happy Tales,


  6. Gary & Brenda

    Very Interesting article about the Chapel, we love going to explore different types of churches and learning about thier histories. Since Apache Junction AZ is one of our destinations we have looked up how close we will be to the Chapel and Sedona. It is now on our list of places to stop. It is also great that you put in suggestions that will help us find it and what we will and will not find there (especially the porta potties). The landscape and bountiful scenery is drawing us to AZ and we are eager to hit the road to see it all. Now if this darn house would just sell.