Gear to Get with Brian Brawdy

Recently I got up early one morning to catch the sun rise. I jumped out of my RV and walked about twenty yards in the direction of the beach. Before I saw or heard him, I could feel someone else was there. A dark silhouette loomed in the shadows. I instantly said “Good Morning” startled a bit at his presence. Wearing a black skull cap, jacket and pants the figure stood there as I approached. Before I could get any closer, he suddenly turned and briskly walked away.

As an ex-cop, standing at 6’4″ and about 230 lbs., I’ve never really thought about it before, but the area in and around my RV might not be as safe and I would hope. In this episode of Gear to Get you will learn of a company and its technology dedicated to illuminating those things that go bump in the night.

[youtube sSPrVKrTEs8]

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  1. thanks for sharing the video. these type of posts and video work as rv traveling guide.

  2. Allan

    Have a German Shepard.
    Better yet have two of them.

  3. Tom

    I put up a smartlight on both sides of our 5er plus a ac/dc camera and a few other things. The way I feel about it is if anybody don’t want to behave themselves then they don’t need to come around. My peace of mind is worth more than the money I spent on our security.

  4. Curt Ellis

    For anyone that has purchased the LED bulb with this, does it make enough of a difference compared to the standard 1005 bulb? Also, any ideas if the LED bulb would work in a standard RV outdoor porch light fixture that still uses the 1005 bulb?

  5. Dick Hinrichs

    I use it to keep an eye on my Carryout Sat. dish.I adapted a 12vt plug and use it portable.When i place the dish out next to the camper the Smart light is there to shine on the dish.$100 investment is cheaper then buying a new dish for $700.

  6. Pat Malone

    We have a Smart Light on a trailer which we have set up like a cabin at our wooded lake property here in WA state and love it. We have not been broken into since we installed it this past July (2009). Small animals do NOT activate the light. We plan to purchase another light when we take our Class A Motor Home out of storage next April (2010) we like it so well. Don’t knock it until you try it!!! We also use a product called a “fake” T.V. This product has different LED lights which make it look from the outside just like someone is in your rig watching T.V. It has a timer on it which can be set for 4 or 7 hours. Ours has been going steady since July without any problems. We have purchased 5 of these units and have given several as gifts. We even use one in our home!! We love both products.

  7. Phil

    I think the dog idea is the best. It speaks all languages, can tell the difference between a prowler and a racoon, works in all weather, can chase off coyotes and bears and it does all this daylight or dark for just a pat on the head.
    Can you beat that , Home Depot?

  8. Jon Olenick

    Aren’t there some solar powered self contained motion activated outdoor lights on the market???

  9. I’m with Bubba on this one – I’ll go to Home Depot and just buy a motion sensor to activate the lights I already have. Besides, a motion light isn’t going to do anything and most of the time we camp in places where wildlife would always be triggering it.

    If your’re really worried about your ATV, kayak, grill, etc “walking away”, chain it to the wheel. At least when they try to steal it you’ll get woken up by the sound of them messing with the chain. 🙂

  10. Jamie

    I bought my Smart Light (which I love) using PROMO CODE: STAR101 which gave me $10 off.

  11. Jason

    I agree. $99.99 is a bit much. But I found it on for $75. Seeming as though I just bought a motion light at Home Depot for $60, I guess this is a decent enough price.

  12. Bubba

    Get a motion sensor light from home depot-$9.00,use just the sensor and wire it next to your light.i have all four corners of my trailer done that great.

  13. Bill

    I agree with the rest of you folks. Peace of mind is nice but that sure is a lot of money to spend for a motion (or infrared) activated light.

    I say, you want a deterrent get a nice big dog. Sure it costs some money but just think, you get a security guard and a friend and companion at the same time.

    Can not ask for more than that!

  14. Darthvagrant

    There are several ways of inflating the price of any thing. Take any item normally priced for the mass market and make it a “specialty item” for RV or motorcycle use, and **pow**!….. 2-3X the normal price. This motion activated light is a prime example.

  15. Ken Young

    I too like this product, but agree that $99.99 plus an addittional $24.99 for a better bulb is very spendy. I will wait untill others enter the market in this area for the price to be more afordable.

  16. Mark & Kay Ulm

    I love the product but $100 + $20 (better bulb) + $14 shipping & handling.

    Is it just me or does that seem kinda spendy?